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_britch marriage is cool & no the ultimate hype-man. • university of houston •
QuietStorm531 Houston Marriage is cool. But I'm not rushing anything right now. After my last relationship, I don't look at it the same. | UH'17| ♊️|You speak to a queen when spoken to.| AKΨ| Otto Rocket❤️
NobodybutChelz In the kitchen whipping pots, fam. Just kidding. Y'all say marriage is cool. I'm a witch...Magic Black Girl. Resting Bitch Face Club President. Proud member of #InTheKitchenTwitter #ChelzCooks IG: Lush_Consumption
DangerousCommie Philadelphia, or the Ether @Kimber_Lee90 I mean speaking as a married person marriage is real cool but I kinda wish I got to be a superhero. Pop-culture pagan of the good times. Literal-minded, also witchy. I love comics, knitting, makeup, and baking for pro wrestlers. Have you eaten today?
Mikurella Crypton Future Media Inc. "Anyways.. You can get a marriage certificate centered around no one but yours truly!" I am, most certainly, undoubtedly, a goddess. I've always wanted the world, and she gave it to me, @Aichmomanic. [VocaRP, MV, no 18+]
lizzysomthing @AcaciaBrinley you mean a mom who's trying to save her marriage because the sex is terrible and is trying to reinvent herself and be cool? Psu... this twitter is useless
AMR736 North Tonawanda @VWOfficial is talking about Buffalo on @WendyWilliams! So cool! #buffalo #WNY #marriage WNYer tweeting about the Pretty Reckless and other stuff that interests me! And I'll say hi to you, unless I'm working if you ask! #GymDogs #Emayan #Emaran #PLL
MotenBot What is new and both cool and scary about Shakespeare, according to Fineman, is precisely his admission of impediments to the marriage of currently reciting In The Break (2003)
shraderlark halsey pll the100 marriage at first sight is a kinda cool show everlark is my romeo and juliet
ImaniNoIzzi Merica @kaihbaby marriage will be cool someday but being pregnant is still such a surprise to me that I still need a lot of time to adjust. September 6, 2016 | 910
YvonnEledje STRAIGHT OUTTA ZION Seems that outside marriage, the bible is totally cool with all types of fighting for your right. Male or Female Man kind of God. Kinging. Spreading. {John 3:8} || One time I was foolish, but now I am wise.
IzzyLMSW Cali girl living in Dallas, TX A coworker is getting married this year and it's a semi arranged marriage. He said he's only met her twice. So cool and kinda romantic lol Clinical Social Worker, Christian who loves makeup, music, laughter, and JESUS! Isaiah 41:10 ❤️ Your praise will ever be on my lips
DADDYWEBB2 Ephesians 4:32...Snap:SpyderLo Marriage is cool....but idk now! These women got me scared na! Lol 24yrs old Lakeland,Fl ⛄Ames,Iowa⛄
paani27 Nangal, Punjab this bride is one hell of a bad ass millennial..!! Believer, Sports lover, Movie Buff
tarasofar my heart is in colorado marriage is really cool it's my party, and I'll cry if I want to. @sjb_twentytwo forever.
hendrick_shania Marriage is going to be so cool sc: shania_h
EBS1994 ✈️ Marriage is cool till y'all both hit 40-50 and he get a side girlfriend half his age. NC Central University Senior ***My opinions & ideas do not reflect those of my employer***
_samantherr__ I also said I hoped for marriage equality in the future and that's a thing now how cool is that!! sc: samantha.pulice ✨
casuallyjulia how boys at my school think that saying gay marriage is wrong is cool. absolutely fucking pathetic ig: juliasegarraa

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