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Jhenny_Villamor Philipines @TheMattEspinosa you Math is a cool guy thanks for evrything you do for us @TheMattEspinosa .. Cameron Dallas! Nash Grier! Matthew Espinosa! One Direction! Jack&Jack! And The Magcon Boys. Andrew Kantarias Harrison Kantarias Tom Jay Williams. At Sunset.!
ravelrie new york Couldn’t sleep, so, I started watching a documentary re: the history of maths. Now I’m excited about all of the things. Math is cool! resident unicorn, glitter-obsessed, local onesie aficionado, in hot pursuit of the perfect dry shampoo.
gabedelatorre9 @gabedelatorre9 so no one is good at math? That's cool. Rest in peace Diego.
TyyDollaFish Blovis, BA 18- you're pretty cool, math is dope
jbronzo13 The Land of Sky Blue Waters Math is cool Hockey and Numbers | George Costanza Aspirant | Finance Major @ PSU '19
zoewoahe Wichita, KS ✅✅. The only time I talk to u is to ask u for answers for math hw 😂💀 sorry but you seem super cool and cute hmu live laugh love. c,t
AaronMann100 Everything expect .. Math, science, social studies , English, and everything is cool \18/ the header explains it all
jgonzol16 One of my biggest pet peeves in our society is that it's somehow "cool" to hate math
elliskateee Lake Wylie, SC ➕➖➗✖️ you witness me die everyday in math but you're super funny & cool so it's whateva 😋 (plus ur dad is super cool) snap/insta- elliskateee
KrevunLuvBBz Nigeria @KrevunLuvBBz 6. Math is cool Am Krevun Luv | Gobble Boards | Get buckets | Krevun Tun since Jan 14, 2016 | Originally Joe Harris | Created July 7, 2015
mrsjohnsonidaho @averyteach it is so cool seeing mindset and math combined! Check out @WithMathICan by @AmazonEdu They are pushing the same idea #idedchat Mom of two, military wife, math nerd, teacher, hobby photographer, travel junkie
mister_badguy Chatsworth, California I haven't taken a math class in years and the only math thing I remember right now is PEMDAS and it's useful in this class wow cool I can't believe it
MeghanSaraK Brooklyn, NY 6. MATH IS COOL. MATH IS FUCKING COOL. I'm sorry if you had a bad experience with math growing up but #NotAllMath, Math is easy AND COOL. Comedy blogger at https://t.co/lprDd2KiKn NYC Ghost Tour Guide. I hear what you're saying, I'm just gonna do the opposite.
moswole97 This math teacher is cool but he literally puts me to sleep omg Audi/VW enthusiast #FreeSyria #FreetheMiddleEast
IWentTooFaste Kingdom of Nebraska 11) Math is cool everything will be alright in the end
Pxnduhh A zoo Math is cool :) but i like started to lick my lips and getting focused and didn't hear music or look at my PC ȏẇṅєя- @aris_clan ʏȏȗя ɢıяʟғяıєṅԀ'ṡ ғѧṿ ҡṅıғєя ❤️1/1/16❤️ ȏṅʟʏ ɢṭ: ƿṿṅԀȗһһ ƿṡṅ: ƿṿṅԀȗһ_
HPodmore Toronto Why are there math problems all over my Facebook feed? Wait is math cool now? Why couldn't that have happened to me when I was 16? Photon wrangler, plasma tamer, state-space cowboy.

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