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ohangeliah California, USA I think I like periscope so much because it's meeting new people from around the world and everyone is mainly chill and cool 😊😂 Christ Believer • Photographer • Art Enthusiast
petey_ferrer meeting new people is so fucking cool and exciting named after my alcoholic grandfather and that says a lot
Rebellious_Rose meeting new people is cool. I'll stop being anti-social one day Tuskegee University
savannahaydon Indianapolis, IN meeting new people is cool and scary at the same time BSU '19
KristinY00 Meeting new people that are actually really cool is so cool JLHS '16|Basketball, Lacrosse, & Tennis| VR {6•3•15}
YunggMedusaa Venus But it's cool meeting new people don't get me wrong. & when the vibe is there it's great. Just don't rush nothing with me. -Nothing beautiful asks for attention. Love you muva @Solangeknowles #BlackLivesMatter #womanist . I am not from this planet I just understand it.
AshhhG_ Mt. Olympus Meeting new people is cool leave me alone
xstaindrianx Meeting new people is so fucking cool. The fact that once you know and interact with someone you can determine if you like them or not. I need your shelter
danielptate Jackson, NJ // Lawrence, NJ The cool thing about meeting new people is that it usually means new music and that's such a beautiful thing Passionate about McDonald's monopoly, Chapstick, Adele, and chicken. Extremely passionate about James.
shaematix New Bloomington, Ohio Meeting new people is cool UNOH but OSU at heart
AllVisionary meeting new people on a concert line is so cool btw 5'8 and half Papi
AweLizzie aw meeting new people is cool gemini
B_Kopfstein Omg oomf is cool as fuck. Love meeting cool new people 😌 Norwalk Ohio✈️ Lynchburg Virginia, A$AP, TGOD, Exercise Science Major, future Physical Therapist
MDayberry Texas, USA meeting new people is pretty cool don't paint me black when I used to be golden. RYLA25 & TAMU20 I really really really love Jesus. I'm 18 & that's weird. pursue
tuhweese NJ | Firenze, Italia i think one of the main reasons i love meeting new people is that I get to talk a lot about myself & realize how fucking cool i am lol Taurus ; Marist '19 • somewhere in between the crazy & the conscious
___bassphace cloud 420 it's cool tho, this year is to starting over and meeting new amazing people and dubbin to the bass🙏💜 herb inhalator | psychedelic orphic | animal rights advocate | ❂uitwaaien❂ | @trapfitclothing #BaSsHeAd #peaceloveunityrespect

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