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jahtnamas HOME FOR INFINITE LOSERS and the boss theme has been continually stuck in my head since i started watching which is cool and great INNOVATION TERROR OF CHAOS [ samantha j b (or just sam) (don't call me jaht) | 25 | she/her (cis) | neutral shitposter ]
acnningstunt Maroubra, Sydney Will definitely have to invest in a drone of my own once I separate from my boss cause this shit is just too cool Never let this brave heart fall apart
liisadele Sydney, New South Wales so my boss has offered me fortnightly graphic design work which is cool HERE IN MY GARAAAAAAAAAAAGE
Boss_nisie Houston, TX Tf no that shit is not cool your not my man so please don't don't that shit #God first #TxSU'17
TataSchiavon Sociedade Stanense @StanaCentral You're welcome. I feel you. When I can't post things on TST or ATP Brasil there I feel bad too. Thank God my boss is cool.😂 I enjoy going on adventures and seeing the planet. - Stana Katic
shakethisdown MCMXCV Now I get to enjoy a beer with coworkers and my boss. Life is so cool. I really like Porter Robinson, pugs, and sweet tea. #EDM
AtlantisHetalia @TremblingAlbino ((Also in brighter news. My boss is so cool. I looked him dead in the eyes and told him he couldn't tell me what to do.+ I am here, yet I am not. It's as if I'm nothing more than a reincarnation of a memory. [FC: Emilia Clarke] [Event:] [MV]
keilaprivera tbh my boss is my role model she is so fucking cool wtFuck i wanna be that cool Fuck!!!!!! y ahora que
ChiefRampancy Waukesha, WI I REALLY HOPE I'M OK'D TO GO MY BOSS IS PRETTY COOL AND I DON'T UPSET HIM Procrastinator - Indecisive - Social Failure - Opinions - Anime - FFXIV Ultros
QaraKoyunlu seattle my thoughts on the big boss man: the easiest way you can tell wrestling is fake is that the cop is in fact extremely cool unsafe on hit (they)
InkedPimp Depths of Your Darkest Dreams @PiercedPaws Oh no my boss is cool as fuck. Patients. Meet you there Take another shot at me. I love the way you hate me. #RPPimp (RP+18)#HusbandOfTheYear #Golden #TheBoss #HMF #SassysBFF
perryt3 WDM, IA I hate my job. Got licensed last week, planning to work for self, & that anger disappear. My boss's idiocy/complacency is cool #NoCorpSlave One of these days I am going to change the world or take it over when I help ppl define their passions.
sandie_town Guadalajara, Jalisco My boss is cool too. My patronus is a mockingjay.
prestige1318 People ask me if I'm cool with my boss or if a consider him my friend! My answer is hell no I'm not fake fuck that asshole 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
alyssabee Worcester, MA But the cool thing is I have a sandwich right now because my new boss is bomb and took me to Bertucci's for lunch today 🎉 22 year old literature nerd, Broadway enthusiast, and aspiring Disney princess. Sometimes I'm funny on the internet. Sometimes.
HeirsquadUK London, UK @TashaaEllis dip dye is still super cool! It's a shame about work though 😔 I'm lucky with my boss, she even suggests different colours 😂 @heirsound @alexasanroman_ @danepetersen_ @mattcollamore_ @jonbrickdrums1 Buy Do It Over and My Own on iTunes now! - Quinn. This account is Pro Kesha #FreeKesha
aleena_nikole Utah Went shopping with my boss today. My dream come true! She is just so cool! #bossbitch #wearegonnabefriends 😁🎉🙌🏼 20 | ut | dogs | a little nerdy
sarahannn19 Only my 3rd day and my boss is putting me in the commercial he's getting made cool lol Elijah James Clymer
Blakelee13 The BOSS was cool, but my dad is cooler🙉 @ Bruce Springsteen Excuses are like losses. Everyone's got some. Except champions. University of Arkansas Volleyball Player. Go Razorbacks!!❤
jay_cash_GH worldwide If the boss is cool anything else from anybody is bogus to me.I know what am working for and what my target is.#TeamSark all day..#Passion Patience is my virtue https://t.co/GU7FHws1YN.Entrepreneur.Philanthropist.Businessman.Founder_ @SarkoholicsGh.Music & Dance.#TeamSarkodie

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