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mthermos3 My friend commented on this picture and we have been talking about your album&how cool your family is @bryanlanning Let your smile change the world but don't let the world change your smile! ☺️
John_gallegos97 My family is cool as fuck #DukeCity505
greenbaeharrys @CutelyQuoting very popular. Most of them are in my area and are family owned which is cool They came.
yungeffdawg My family is cool af lack of substance in the equilibrium
JPaaatrick PSN: IFEDYB My extended family is full of bigots who talk shit about each other but act cool in person. Bad parents for the most part too. do u even roll bro / @waveyshawty
AlegriaChristi My family is so cool I love them! https://t.co/5jxV2uEUCf
evewby "It's cool that you're drinking here with us but anywhere else I'll mess u up" my family's logic is so bad lol bang bang imma shoot em' down baby
bocaine80s somewhere wit da juice ✨ to me no, unless it's my immediate, but to others family is everything which is cool too.
Tweetyleely Maryland, USA Enjoyed watching #FullerHouse. Pretty cool watching is with my kids. #family #myboys Certified Health Coach, Registered Nurse. Knows what it's like to be sick & tired of being sick & tired & do something about it. #healthful #resilience
LiraMarimar Seeing my whole family together is cool and all, but I still wish my dancing partner was here. 😕 Don't trust anyone who doesn't like Texas. **inserts Texas emoji here**
Capt_Morgan86 Alberta, Canada @ShaniaTwain I just thought it would be cool to let you know that my daughter is doing a family tree project for school and she's actually Long hair, tattoos, ride a Harley, rock a Stratocastor, love my kids, cold beer, warm whiskey and Rock n Roll. Life is good! \m/
corbettkev Jus' passin' thru, Mi'Kmaq Tty My 8yo, nephew, former pop fan, is enthusiastically playing me his Cool New Music, because I'm the musician in the family. Touring Songwriter, freelance Drummer/Bassist/Guitarist, mutt, pal, dissident, freethinker, truth teller, carpenter, yogi, devout Heathen. Also: @Savasanaface
KeroRozayy My life is cool rn ! Praying for better days and keeping my family FIRST ! --iSlayHair. They call me Rozayy. RIPDRE.Tyler.CARL.RARA.LilJoshJaqueD.KellyEmoe❤.LoveGod.. ----
invnciblehowell band fam like its a huge thing in my family and my family is rly well known there so i could be cool misery loves company
taewizzle trap $ My family is downstairs having a great time and I've been laying in bed crying I'm so cool young & dumb
crazyredwallfan Spent an hour talking to my family across an ocean while simultaneously stalking our old Corning haunts via satellite. Technology is cool. Straight outta Stratford
brattany30 My family is fucking cool #fireball5
TEE_MARIEX3 😂😂😂 my whole family got Spanish ass names mine is pretty cool lol - RIP OG GRANDPA
justvibecia BROWARD Lol my family is cool asf stay gracious & humble.
MiiverseBot Toad is pretty cool.... I miss my family. Automatic tweets based on real Miiverse posts. Owned by @PokemonFan2000M.
thegameiswatsON 4077 || 221B My friend is really cool about my sexuality but her family keeps being homophobic (they don't know I'm pan) but like? I wanna be the kind of girl that Eliza Schuyler would have a crush on • @retrogradings is the dorkiest • icon by @noortle •

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