My hair is Cool.

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PerroMutt Chiraq, Illinois @Phyxis my hair is too cool for social media. Previous Chair of Midwest Furfest. Now a full time fake dog! Hockey player. Moto rider. Costume maker. Beer drinker. Blackhawks aficionado.
PushaB Curly hair is cool but ain't nothing like straight hair I like my bitches laid 💁🏾 we all from africa ••DreadöN
angieluchini Eugene, OR Fashion/style trends are so interesting. I bet if she told my grandma gray hair is cool now she'd have a heart attack my friends call me tiny hacker
londynloveee boulder city My hair is about to be so cool this summer every night I'm talking to the moon.
hgsutherland St Louis, MO @Marissa_Booth27 exactly! I was like k cool. I like my hair so I think my opinion is the only one that matters. Such a weird guy Pharmacy Student and Cat Enthusiast
YungAIe naomy's left nipple If I don't like the silver my hair is gonna be already hella bleached so I can just dye it a diff cool color aight
Gianthecreator Carol City, FL My hair is cool I gotta stop wearing a hat so people can see lol y r u so smol?
dxija jackson, AL my hair is like legit blonde so cool. 🙂 Instagram: dxija • Snapchat: daijanextdoor
TsundereVamp Sakamaki Mansion @TsundereVamp [F1; My hair is shoulder-length(ed), and it's a mix of black and brown... It's cool I know.] ❝How much of your life has been a lie?❞『Sakamaki Ayato and Sakamaki Yui's only child, Sakamaki Amaya』【DLRP — OC 】
Rydn_NoSlydn Laughn n La La Land havn inches is cool and all but i wnt my short hair bck,on the low bigst fear is not tht im inadequate but tht im powerful byond measure,learnin to not b afraid of myslf...BJ
NellVoid Day 40: My hair is cool and all I could do was chant "I will not wear the clothes" over and over.
chelseamrae Thunder Bay, Ontario My hair is coming out in chunks thanks to my gross head wound. Cool cool cool cool cool cool 😷😷😷😷😷 nobody will break you
jescpimp Denver, CO @Cool_YouKnow LOL I'll still be cute! Why are u shading me? My hair is everything chuy tbh IG: jescpimp SnapChat: jescpimp
aeriego Nestled in my apt Finished voting after half hour wait. The second I exited the building a cool gust of wind blew my hair back. God is good all the time. I mostly tweet about my PBS shows, and Wednesday ABC night line-up.
emily_queentero & this is why I don't fuck around w/ my hair lol. Cool.
anna_lutherr I got all these cool wigs but my hair is too thick for the cap I hate myself i love chocolate milk and trent pearson
maggieroderick hfx My soul animal is so clearly Hades going "What? Is my hair out?" And "I'm cool, I'm cool, I'm cool" Be brave & be kind.
magnumdong44 The pay is awesome, they worked w/ me on hours, I get to dress cute and gay, I can have cool hair, and my manager seems rly caring & good i, personally, would love to calm down, and yet
kimberlllyann I tell my dad nice hair cut and his response is "my hair is cool as shit" uhhh ok you're welcome Chilean. Chinese. Surely it's not what you do, but it's the way that you do it. snapchat | kimmylee
simplyabout @CitylineCA @wjrbeauty @dinodilio This is too cool, I am also a Sam and I am currently growing my hair out for the second time to donate! Sharing life experiences, reviewing various things from beauty, fashion, movies, and electronics to name a few. Artistic with more hobbies than time!
Dorgeisthename Camarillo, CA Got a haircut cause that's what is part of my punishment, like cool short bleached hair is fine with me I would put a glock in my pussy if I could - Cass from Kmart
MelissaScarn Salt Lake City I can't wait to dye my hair!!! this is the first real color change im gonna make in like 6 years so yeah cool beans enjoys comic books & video games
SayThisInReturn My hair is charming it makes me look like an expert and it saves me the disappointment from not looking cool when it's wet everybody loves The entire world knows who I am, everybody but you. I don't even have to say my name. Why you might be asking. They already know it. Everybody knows who I am.
More4Core4 Hi my name is iLLumiNauGHty & I'm a cool chick. I would like 2 say how grateful Iam 4 my stunningly gorgeous hair. Thanx 4 letting me share.

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