My room is Cool.

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ForestBeauty_ Chicago, IL I love it when my room is cool and I'm under my cover all cozy & shit. Chicago| 20| College Student| SC: envy_Maryjanee|
__angelserrano my cool roommates go home every weekend so I'm always stuck with the boring ones. All they do is lock themselves in their room. soccer & photography | Oxnard ➡️ csu stanislaus
poleen_tommo Philipines That moment when you enter you parents room and saw your Mom beating your score in Color Switch..😂😁 My mom is so cool.!😅😂 Whould you still hurt me if you knew you made me HURT myself.!? ♥directioner ♥pizza ❤Louis William Austin Poulston Tomlinson
jazmineeee_ Franklin, KY @ashleyypitts that's cool bc my room is big enough for 2 beds 🙂 snapchat- jazzy71415 | RIP Poppy ❤️
LifeOfLPH Idk about y'all, but when my room is warm and my bed sheets feel cool on my body?! 😍😩😴 A blessed wife and mommy. ❤️ D[M]V
NicoleFul My computer is still doing this really cool thing were it doesn't connect to the WiFi in my room. Jesus Follower. Coffee Lover. Full-time College Student. Part-time Diva.
OverdoseOnLexx eastern michigan university The lighting in my room is cool. 🔑 @ Eastern Michigan University After 20 years of life, I'm still growing, maturing, and changing everyday. Positive vibes only.
Ima_sassymess My room is a sauna. I opened the window to cool down my room since its maybe 10 degrees outside. I don't feel a difference in temperature... Maryland | 20 years young | My family is my everything, along with a little country music
DogUnderATable zigzagging towards the light @sawahkochan Adderall is cool when I'm in the mood to clean my room and then have a panic attack. I'm so passé
camery_cabg2000 My room is so cute and cool hey best firends
ggirl0701 My room is so cold my memory foam pillow is literally frozen ok cool
Kevin_cupcake SQUADRON Having a mini fridge in my room is cool and all, but if I can't reach it from my bed what's the point? Veni Vidi Vici
PaigeeN_ East Bridgewater Sitting in my room for the night is a cool way to start my vacation..🙄🙄 sc:paigeeenx
LiveKarter All I do is sit in my room and make music. it's pretty cool tho ❤️ ジャングル KIDS
HeartHopeOakley 1/3 of the Unholy Trinity™ my mom yelled at me about something being urgent so i ran to the living room and turns out the pope is now in mexico okay cool the fear of falling apart ☹
RarbieT Outta Da G H E T T O My room is so cool. I had actually forgot I own a fan... 😄 Listen squares! I've never had a hoe I couldn't do without. I celebrate bitch when a hoe leaves me! My heart beats for those that carry the love for me.

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