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jordyntrulli •| at the race track |• My Econ teacher is like a mixture of Justin Timberlake & Ryan Gosling but from Utah. He's pretty cool 💁🏻
HWANEYP0T i can always finish before class but.. i dunno. i feel like i should finish before midnight even though my teacher is cool. (´。• ᵕ •。`)
lovelyabby__23 @jstchillenf00 my teacher is cool as fuck im beat tho i just got out Nurse -Fulltime Employee / Student/From Trance to Heavy Metal❤️..Caught between a strong mind and a fragile heart..
suzettemendozaa I hate government. I mean my teacher is pretty cool but I just hate the subject in general. Work in silence and let the success be your noise. CHHS AVID Co-President #315
shadowsblade951 Storybrooke @TBS_books4ever @mrsxngster ikr! My mom is a cool teacher my other teacher was evil I'm dead......let's be friends!
LivDvdson Central Perk paper update: gpa is going to be a solid 1.3 by the time my teacher grades this crap k cool bye!!!
Cool_rkv92 Jehanabad, BIHAR (INDIA) @TheOfficialSBI My mother is a govt. teacher in Bihar, her monthly salary is about 18000. Can she apply for a home loan of 4 lakhs rupees. Not all horses were born equal. A FEW WERE BORN TO WIN......
PalmySquad Palmerston North, New Zealand My teacher is cool because we get 2 do minecraft Pe & sports. Jacob Twitter account for R10 (Year 3) at Russell Street School. We use this account to take part in @Kidsedchatnz. Our teacher is @PalmyTeacher
PalmySquad Palmerston North, New Zealand My teacher is cool. Heidi Twitter account for R10 (Year 3) at Russell Street School. We use this account to take part in @Kidsedchatnz. Our teacher is @PalmyTeacher
DCarrieC My teacher and I are twinning tomorrow. I think I have reached a point in my life where it is just so disturbing.💀💀 P.S she's a cool teacher blessed☻
RobinZaruba kingwood, tx Michael Berry is interviewing my high school senior English teacher on his radio show. How cool is that?? #JuneHardy #LCM #KTRH worship leader, author, encourager, dad
almostkristi anywhere and everywhere Im so happy Mrs. Meschke is a cool teacher. I went off on a rant on my homework. Oops. i'm adrift in waters unknown and i refuse to sink
burbbiee My stats teacher is so adorable and cool 😂 universityofdelaware'18
j_ashliegh Luckily, my teacher is hilarious and the lab TAs are cool 😎 discernment is key..
sarahwilkes Hogwarts @naxuu My sister Emily is a school teacher in NH. This does not surprise me at all. Cool place. Coding. Websites. Conference & events logistics. Harry Potter. Music. Theatre. Think a lot about the human experience & connections. @geekycon @leaky @leakycon
OhGaw University of Nebraska-Omaha My English comp teacher is cool as hell 💪 Luciano's&Sophia's | Always chase after your dreams. If you have one, protect it.... Loved.. |CEO of Storyz Foundation | Frat MIA FAMIGLIA
AntonM Oakland, CA My high school math teacher would be happy to know that I'm finally eating my own words. Math is now cool: Russian expat in California; tech, bad jokes, #PR, gaming & booze. I tweet inanely about opinions that are my own. Currently at @BhavaCom.
woodlandhowell USA || she/her my teacher asked "hi, how are you?" and i said "cool" I SAID I WAS COOL WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK THIS IS MY LIFE move them hips boyy ・°☆
mugglecim have i mentioned how cool my english teacher is If you look for them, you will see miracles everywhere. 12/13.03.15 ♡ 20.06.15 ♡
chiisosaa UMBC My bio teacher thinks she is so funny and cool, like no girl stick to teaching ✋🏾 nigerian gal • igbo
BluntParadise_ í'm thє trєndíng tσpíc my english teacher is actually pretty cool🤔 í juѕt dσn't cαrє в •frσѕtвurg•ѕnαp:knσthєkídd
mimi_duff My teacher brought two hams to class. Nursing school is cool There's no end in sight, tonight we black out the sun

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