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PoPloskie_Luke Exeter Township, Pennsylvania I smell like a campfire and I'm perfectly fine with that. It's also one of my favorite scents. Nature is cool Kutztown Class of 2019. Modern Darwinist. Known fan of the band Creed. Olympian in training (I wish)
brettlfoster San Francisco @GypsySongdancer @WiringTheBrain This is a really cool paper looking at number form area in blind individuals: Neuroscientist @Stanford: neurosurgical recordings, neuromodulation and neuroimaging of the human brain networks supporting memory.
breezyxvx Los Angeles, CA Nature is cool and does pretty things. @ Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres Vegan. Starightedge. Queer. Anarcha-Feminist. Musician. Lost Boy. Admirer of Space. #FarmSanctuaryLife #upthenerdypunx
champagnemoji 16 | NC i thought that was a poop wow nature is cool #AkielDenkins #FreeKesha
TerenMabry Dallas/Los Angeles Nature is cool | 21 | Artist | photographer | insta: @terenmabry
_serenaat i love this, nature is so cool madly in love w/ kevin ✨
27_sierra27 Juliana: tea is so cool! like this little bag is putting flavour in hot water Me: Yaaa.... Juliana: what's in it? It's like nature inside 😂 @onlygoing1D
sydneykulla probably eating Nature is pretty cool Crestwood and basketball is my thing
desireebakerr *del looking at fish in the pet store* "Man nature is so COOL!" I run for the hill of it
Mitchschue York, Pa Nature is pretty cool I guess, and my Dog 🌲🐾 @ Lake Williams est. Jan 25, 1996 @_marinoo
frantacchino east coast so I see everyone's cool photos with amazing architecture or beautiful things in nature but my town is a b&w concrete hell whatthrhfucj these aren't just lush pop tunes kissed with breathy vocals;
kara_bethh just overheard a conversation between two people that were talking about how cool it is that nature created Mt. Rushmore... let that sink in r.i.p pappy❤✞
P810_Brooks Greenville, SC Nature is cool and stuff #blessup 🙏🏻🏔 @ Elk River Falls N.C. •You are not where you are from. You are where you're going.• TN | Furman | ΚΚΓ
KingRouse21 Chicago, IL It use to be fun though because the nature in the Paign is kinda of cool when you high and the tailgaters would be tweaking Creator & Owner of 10616 Productions (@10616Products). Co-Owner of LRSGN (@LRSGN). University of Illinois Alum. Snapchat: KingRouse21. PSN: KingRouse21.
FairleyAnd London, England @Ocado cool. Usually it is a nutty nature cheddar (hate tangy), this was mild tasteless rubber. Gutted as family eats it by the kilo. brand strategist & marketer, organiser, connector, Pilates lover, pottery student, believer in equality. deputy cmo at Actual Experience (all views my own).
Mass_45 Beautiful day outside and I'm in class for the next three hours. Cool. Nature is overrated anyway I guess Future Walmart greeter. 37-98
LucyCKBell UCL, London This is cool! Viruses with immune defence systems, which could be the basis of new gene-editing tools #immunology Medic, scientist, progressive & eternal student. Finishing med school and researching HIV, TB & the immune system. Powered by curiosity and far too much coffee.

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