New gif thing is Cool.

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J_Rickard47 This new gif thing Twitter did is so cool just a bunch of goons
mullingarfluff 6/16/13•8/19/14•7/31&8/18/15 THE NEW GIF THING IS SO COOL So this one time Niall laughed at me
samayunthuhh_ en la bodega the new twitter gif thing is cool dominicana $oY
geekywiskey This new gif thing is pretty cool self proclaimed nerd, amateur whiskey enthusiasts, mothers second favorite child, snap: geekywiskey
JMcDagger El chapo jr This new gif thing is cool lol Slept on by many #FreeOJ Lord, all that I do today is for you and your glory.
stonecoldcallie ddl ga bm the new gif update thing is super cool goodnight verna flamingo
ziolate mafer the new gif thing is cool
heathereandrews The new gif keyboard thing is cool
megang__ BE HOPEFUL THIS NEW GIF THING IS SO COOL!!! The only person who can beat me is myself.
Steeeezaaaaaay_ New gif thing is pretty darn cool, if I may say so myself.
wordsbyjmw boston THE NEW GIF THING IS SO COOL OMG 5 years and many tears
SrRyteAway This new gif thing is cool I'm Ryte. Come for the shit, stay forever ∆ Tweets lots of video game junk ∆ Future game developer ∆ Kirby/Paper Mario/Rez/Rodea addict
tylermachado Somerville, MA Oh cool I've got the new Twitter gif thing. This is me today makes interactive tools and dataviz at @HarvardBiz; likes basketball, soccer, loud music, brutalist architecture
ludicluke i'm so angry but this new gif thing that twitter has is hella cool he still likes her, doesn't he?

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