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jazzer_15 Austin, TX Kendrick's new release is cool too!!! Can't leave Kendrick out. anyone who understands jazz knows that you can't understand it. musician and composer insta: @sarimulligan
richmoneymitch Martinsburg, WV New Kendrick is so cool 21. Music Festivals. Celtics. Outdoors. Talk to ya boy!
RemyVega_ Forest of Solitude(Pittsburgh) This new Kendrick Lamar album is pretty cool. There's a lot of good production and instrumentation. Audio-energy conduit and sculptor. Swimmer of the Cosmic Ocean. •@BlaqueRosette• •@ChoospaCamp•
curlsnmelanin_ 3rd Street This new-but-not-really-new Kendrick is cool. the influence of this superficial world is strong on those who are weak. My DMs broke. i paint on stuff. ig: curlsnmelanin_ art ig: snjaesthetics
AtLongLastDev That new Kendrick is cool 19 Colorado Springs
kawaiigaythug Flea Market, Montgomery new kendrick mixtape thing is way cool
95Vicc ATL This new Kendrick is cool.
nopiginmyrib Bay Area, California, USA This new Kendrick is really good. If you don't like it that's cool don't state your shitty opinion though. what
ethan_moutes How are people gonna be able to talk about the new Kendrick album? Yeah... That one song is really cool. The one with a 2 in the title? Flintridge Prep Class of '19
wearecafune Brooklyn GOT HOME FROM PLAYING A COOL SHOW AND NOW LISTENING TO NEW KENDRICK LIFE IS SO DOPE ka-FOO-nay! • 카푸내! • sedona & noah • super-serious alt-pop
kingofthestoics I'm feeling track 2 & Track 7 on this new Kendrick album everything else is cool but not my cup of tea ☕️ goodnight the only nigga that I trust is me
Lxrd_Wvcko My Nirvana IG:@Lxrd_Wvcko That new Kendrick is cool👌 I Cant Tell You About Me Its Something You Got To Witness For Yourself.... #LongLiveTayD #PTM #ArtistNShitLikeThat
introvertedHue Jansport Baby! Dawg a new Tyler, The Creator song and a Kendrick Lamar album today (technically yesterday) is so cool. What a great day Chief Keef with the homies, Michael Cera with the ladies
AmandaPaiG3 Deep South (Muddy Waters) Okay. New Kendrick music is cool, but where is the new @isaiahrashad ?!? Build Your Own | The Murals Curator | Tune2This Contributor | Sneakers on Damn Near Every Day.
TrapGoody New Orleans, La Overall, kendrick new album is cool to listen to when you in a spoken word type of vibe Lakers, Impalas, SupaFlyy Clothing ™
SamTheGeek DMV ➡️ SFO ➡️ NYC The new Kendrick is pretty cool. Yes, of course I listen to it, I’m not some uncultured boor. Computer Nerd. Trivia Fanatic. Polymath. Formerly Apple, @UofMaryland. Making moves @ridewithvia. San Francisco was too expensive so I moved here.
CupidValentino9 Yeah Kendrick Lil EP is cool but I'd still rather have new Cole music I had a dream I could buy my heaven. When I woke I spent that on a necklace. Concrete Culture Collective ODU20
Shotof_Tkillaa This new Kendrick is cool 😌 Mizzou alum. bacon and lipstick lover. no. (SC: shotof_tkillaa)
BryvnBRK New Kendrick is cool, but I would like new Isaiah Rashad more ):
nofop Neukölln / Brooklyn cool thing about my insomnia is that i get to listen to the new kendrick lamar before everyone else in europe now isn't that something Notes on the future of music. Biweekly show on @BCR_Radio. Oh and honestly, we don't care about your definition of pop.
tajtheaquarius New Kendrick is cool but I need new Cole. KONFUZED

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