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dj_boss_is_cool I'm exhausted. I'm washed out. I can't go to bed right now because I'm really enjoying this privacy. I am the best dj in the tri-state area.
pliersnwires United States @madhukishwar t have no fear of Indian laws. We need to have laws to deal with anti nationals.Terrorism & traitorism is considered cool now
brockwebb21 That is right sharks I also have the app for you so that means I now no when you play who you V.S how cool!
Sublime_Spices Perth, Western Australia Good Morning ๐Ÿ˜Š how beautiful and cool is it right now out side #sublimespices #coffeeโ€ฆ Perths Finest Gourmet Chilli Sauces. sublimespices@gmail.com #sublimespices #kalamunda #chilliqueenseanne #awardwinning
anna_ternova Stockton University when I was little I thought I was so cool for going to sleep at 11 pm and now 2 am is like my dinner time I wish I was at the beach
dj_boss_is_cool obviously I'm not 'famous' now, and I wish I can keep it that way I am the best dj in the tri-state area.
kitsuneMD in a complicated universe GRANRODEO's Trash Candy is so cool! Makes me even more excited now for Bungou Stray Dogs An awesome cactus. Chaotic good. Self-deprecating. Multi-fandom.
DeafCorey 618 // 270 So right now the International Space Station is flying above the coast of Sri Lanka right now. That's pretty cool. Just a broke college student trying to make it.
hi_jah @JuliaAlmecija wow, now that is cool lookin... visual artist, cartoonist, abstract painter, photography, film, documentary, producer, writer, poet, entrepreneur...
_steve_is_cool_ Auburn, CA It's at the bottom now Placer '17. I'm white
onitaifredoza Arizona now this is some cool stuff Christian, Mangaka, anime artists. Senior. Gamer. lolita.Cosplayer. animal lover.
Kaykillaaaa @samsauder @Gageo42 @HannahVargo no OMG what ๐Ÿ˜‚ she's actually really cool now and her and my mom are close, is weird but she hated us dude Education Math Major. ISU '19. RIP92213.
JayRome314 Saint Louis, Missouri THE FUTURE IS NOW! The #'s on my music page is cool, but I need mo traffic! Stop wall watching & show some luv... Hip Hop Artist/Entertainer
rockypedraza San Jose, Ca Jojo is cool but now we have to deal with her dumb ass brothers next season... #TheBachelor
BeachBumAlicia Now this is cool
tahirah828 nurtahirah.weebly.com Something cool is going on right now ๐Ÿ‘
Dude_ImTunechi @LoveMyy_Beauty Cool I'll be back at aum my junior year I'm at Trenholm right now and my major is Computer Information Systems #God1st #AUM19 #LakerGang #RollTide #Falcons R.I.P. Grandma Doe B Kim Tim Fat Head & Bankroll
Horseflywow Beaufort North Carolina @indiegarona ahh I see well still cool hopefully I can find time to catch a stream soon school is crazy right now and I have essays due soon Opinions stated here and everywhere else are my own!
nicolette_ok Virginia @thailerbitchh I got lucky and got a good RA freshman year! Then my first RA this year was cool/ok but the one now is weird/lowkey annoying Somewhere between I want it and I got it. #RU18 #UnapologeticallyBlack #BlackLivesMatter
Mahoota11 Midrand || KwaNzimakwe Lol so y'all don't wanna better your bfs now? Y'all cool with where he is? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Knew my love came with the pain but i still offered it! || Tattooed ladies make me weak! โค

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