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Kaali_Keeeshxo Pittsburgh Oakland is cool and all, but sometimes it's impossible to sleep when your dorm overlooks 5th ave Imperfection is beauty✨•Carlow '19• •12.14.14•
Ingrid_Gudenas Oakland, CA The largest container ship ever to dock at a US port just arrived in our Oakland port. Oakland is COOL! #OaklandLove President, ETS, passion is to help people achieve their goals with extraordinary communication & presentation skills,train trainers to be the best in the world.
sstvrkk San Francisco,CA New Oakland metro is pretty cool. I hope they start booking more shows again soon Sierra • XVX • YOU ONLY CLAIM ONCE
aziaticblack OAK current oakland cool is to love the underdog. to be validated in a space that isn't caught up w/ commercialism like where you came from. event & composite photographer. digital imaging specialist. stay secure-minded. APDTA. @youthfulkinfolk — https://t.co/DarJTf9ApV
satellite_of_bl fuckyoutown @SFWeekly @GreenDay @foxoakland this is why oakland will never be cool. "a long overdue halftime tribute to halftime" fuckyou
_Amandadeee △⃒⃘ ⚯͛ @clbrooks14 depends on what you want. Tribal, humble beginnings. Or standard, five and dime in Oakland is cool
DolfBeeler Hardware Store...back room @massssmish Good Morning Mas :-) It is 15:04 in Oakland...it was a little bit cool today....but No Rain :-) Supervisor down the plant. #TGDN ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ
DolfBeeler Hardware Store...back room @massssmish Good Morning Mas :-) It is 14:54 in Oakland...today was nice....NOT cool and No Rain :-) Supervisor down the plant. #TGDN ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ
randallb Ogden, UT I want these but I want them to say “Ogden” on the sole instead of oakland. :) “OG DEN” Is pretty cool anyway. Founder, @vidpresso / @epishow Trying to make video and audio more like html. Allegedly a nice guy.
Bleeeeechers Oakland is cool. @TreatedCrew 20/3 Bleech The Sky
PaulatImpakt Toronto Cool! Inside The Tiny Houses This Oakland Artist Is Using To Fight Homelessness Founder & CEO of @Impaktcorp and Founder of @HireUpYouth, social entrepreneur, cyclist, journalist and guitar player
thecoolroom Great entertainment @nilerodgers love of music!! Chic Chic Chic!!! This is why Oakland is so damn Cool! @foxoakland
_amandaaa29 Oakland, CA Oakland is cool, but I was raised in Hayward I miss living there
DashMan18 Up the river, Without a paddle @BairCSN @Oaklraiders1976 @eBay that is cool. I have one signed by Al written to an Oakland hotel. American. Cuban. Persian. Sports, Raiders, boxing, three point shooting, politics, religion, movies, TV, food, and coffee.
dancastady Chicago, Illinois I mean, this is cool. February 19th in Oakland is now, officially... Green Day! I'm just a professional emailer who dabbles in songwriting & web design. Founder & LOL @thefold @showoffband @tokenblokes
wcgoldberg Bay Area (from Miami) So Feb 19 is now Green Day Day in Oakland that's pretty cool NBA writer/podcaster at @HPbasketball, @FriendlyBounce. Editor of @AllUCanHeat1 of @FanSided. Host of the Heat Check podcast. Featured at @TheCauldron, B/R
DolfBeeler Hardware Store...back room @massssmish Sigh....It is also Cool in Oakland now, Mas....but....the Sun is NOT up yet....so....maybe it will be Warm !! I hope..... Supervisor down the plant. #TGDN ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ
SuzieTrainsMaui Maui, Hawaii Here is JB from Oakland via Skype training in prep for OluKai race soon! So cool! INDO BOARD, THE BOARD SPORT FOR... Where strength, inspiration & perspiration meet the ocean. SUP athlete, global trainer, author, model, spokesperson and mental health advocate.
AThompson1982 Brooklyn, NY @MOBSCEO Ok cool cool. I lived for a bit near Oakland. My gf is actually moving to do some work in Silicon Valley for a few months. Inspiring and Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Success on Social Media! Let's Connect - 347-460-4174

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