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blueboyIwt I'm scared louis literally looks physically and emotionally drained and you're telling me he is hahahah happy baby bubble daddy cool ok jan Riding in cars with boys...
kier_kee i have no idea who this is i asked him before hand if it was ok that i was a flyers fan and he was so cool with it so whatever just waiting for michael raffl to notice me
Jabszy #SoloDolo @ItsSevenths @xAspire ok cool and is your username spookrz? or is that Dragonostic? Pick yourself up and start again.
AndrewV914 Mountain View, CA @Athletics @RealJoshReddick ok, THAT is a pretty cool bobblehead From the Bay Area. I follow the A's, Sharks, Warriors, Steelers, Cal Poly and UT Vols. I tweet about what's on my mind, but it's mostly unintelligible.
BeatlesMcCuen Buffalo, NY @arnettwill hey, man. Just finished watching all of #Flaked. It is very much good. Ok cool, see ya. ivory tickler, string picker. film enthusiast. air breather.
haleypacholl Farmington or NDSU My Minnesotan accent is cool ok My Minnesotan accent and strong personality will throw you off guard
jonathanrparis Mumbai, IN This is so cool!! Zero Gravity??? OK GO!!! #okgo #upsidedown #music #video #colors #fun #insane #cool Worship leader, Musician, Producer, Singer-songwriter
AbrasiveGhost [wondering if a cat is interested in being pet] cmere bud. Ok cool hes coming. Oh nope hes not. Wai, maybe. No. Oh yes? Wait no. No hes not A banana is a sandwich
sharafina97 @syasyaeleena Thats so cool! It is like quite near to the stage! Ok see you! 😋 pwincessz
phanmilton 12.8.15 dan ok cool so most people know what it is, i just watched a video mentioning it and i thought i could bring up a few of the fits I've been + don't hate relate // +
gailyn_ not turlock, ca anymore my life is just one big "haha. ok cool" PHS sc: kailynrheayo
AneiDoru Temmie Village JOJO IS MARRIED NOW AND HE SHOWED UP TO HIS OWN FUNERAL OK COOL I love horror games, RPG games, and retro games. (ᵔᴥᵔ) memer, I ate Tem flakes once as a kid. icon 'n header by @sicherpolizei
knocked_l00se IL ↔️ AL ok so Tulsa is pretty cool

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