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soupkitchen Melbourne, Australia Being on a beta list means finding out your laptop is too old to run cool things months ahead of everyone else :( At times a stamp collector, bomb detector, fuel injector, plug connector, tax inspector, fort erector and film director.
loopay91 Honolulu, HI Cool ... This shit is getting old I will be content with God's plans for me.
VerboortAustin TATA @mmadisonseth hopefully your family is cool with 17 year old boyfriends
kingsbesideher • 11.8.14 • ok but change of heart is such a cool song like I love the whole sound of it and the concept of referencing their old songs and just sigh
buybritneyjean Bella Noche' @koreanchav like how the fuck is it cool to like these old people that are almost all dead and made shit music? idgi Britney Spears Stan. Donald J. Trump Supporter (Trumpeter). NEOABO girl. Sagittarius. Tea sipper. Ya I smoke pot. https://t.co/czKDi0GI5s
_Shelbey_C Guatemala Old is cool
EDM_Lawyer Tampa, FL @TalibKweli I like your old music with Mos Def. What is cool about you, Biggie and Tupac is/was music is poetry, tells a story. Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney who has two passions: The extreme love for EDM music and ensuring the legal rights of festival goers are protected
mikeyhevr This is my gpa, way back in the day in Argentina. Old photos look cool 😎 We should all be better.
worthlessrage parahoy Also the hid in bush incident is old and a misunderstanding, but talking about shit you don't know about is cool I admit it warms my heart to watch your world fall apart
MaryKoCo Los Angeles, CA And what I also don't like is the, "I'm X years old and still single!" Wtf is that. Maybe none of the people who proposed were cool enough
cool_shyam mumbai,india @passportsevamea in case of re-issue of passport, will I get a new photo or original old photo is printed?
LisaMarieBowman lost in desire The oldest living person I know is 83 years old and she's actually really cool and fun to talk to. Just a sweet little thing with morbid thoughts.
hollyrowlette Hell in a handbag, AZ Working at a sporting goods store is pretty cool. Today I watched an 8yr old head butt a heavy bag as hard as he could for two minutes. Equestrian. Adventurer. Photographer. Arizona for now. ♉ #Dixiethemountaindog
schrodingersk4t psa spring break is cool but spring break when you aren't old enough to drive is NOT cool musician
YayaLoL__ @NRG_Moon Its pretty old, and might not be TOO entertaining. The actual information is really cool though. I tweet about League of Legends. I'm starting to write articles. Adore top laners.

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