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Kylan_K Holy SHIT this sounds cool. James is one of THE best living writers. Read him, jerks. writer, I think.
actuallysousuke England, United Kingdom @kinkphobia @maguro_hime read this real cool one with mermaids where the author note was "as a biologist it is almost impossible the 6+ she/her ❁ ace/aro spec ❁ Sousuke is my fav ❁ ask me about Achilles and Patroclus ❁ but mainly ask me about Sous ❁
SoccerDonegal1 Donegal Daniel McHugh is one cool dude and he has been the same for Donegal Town in the heat of League One battle this... Finally on twitter after some facebook time!
ShredOfDignity Maine, USA @TreeofWhoa yeah Canada is cool. I'm definitely going to San Francisco one day, even if I have to walk. 😊 It's a bent nose t'ing.
TheDukeXX99 Detroit, MI Carlos Slim is a pretty cool name for one of the world's rich men I tweet about anime shit, fine smut, video games and 40k. Adonitologist #FeelTheBern https://t.co/WdRQ0hlCRn
Preston_Badside Mountain View, CA @MissFrenchy1 This one is cool. This page is cool. Don't sign into it anymore. Roc Nation and Wilhelmina breed. I'm trying to make it to the Carolina Panthers! Meet me at the Trap House!
NotZeyami @Times_New_Alt 5e is full of neat interactions like that, and you may find one that reallly sounds cool to you Creator of Chuck the Cuck franchise. Entrepreneur and CEO of Memes, Inc. Masketta Men FC
LeslieBane Valley girl @LordDrucifer that's so cool! He is one of my faves. His podcasts are the best haha I love his rants
JAdP Moss Beach, CA Cool… @sfgov is one of the recipients. Hope they know of the hometown solution @SQLstream @GavinNewsom should too Sensor Analytics Ecosystems (SAE), IoT, DMA, CREPEf, STEAM; Data Archon, Bayesian, BBBT; Clean, Green; Foodie
stephankaidan Why Do Some People Think It's Cool/Impressive To Have A Lot Of Unread Messages? No One Is Impressed, We All Know It's A Group Chat Srhs. this is all a joke. #smackteam
jordansaidwhat_ berkeley, ca on the upside this is quite probably the last time i'll have two midterms in one week haha go me? cool? go bear? I go by Jorts, Jordy, and occasionally Jordan. Biochemistry, Chemistry, & Music at @Cal. Sold my soul to @InnoDatCal. Leo. Irony enthusiast.
ProjectPeachUK UK @dotbuild_gtld thank you for the #follow. @CashClamber is one of our cool projects! Give it a go! #bizitalk We are a talented team of software developers creating the cutting edge of today's #web and #greentech technologies. The #livewebapps of the future!
killinitgrande Honeymoon Avenue -fingerspelling? And she told me one of her friends is deaf & mute so she learned it to communicate better with her so that's cool We're gonna be alright.
naifaljebreen @AmenRa1978 but it is one cool man فسبحان الله حين تمسون وحين تصبحون 17 وله الحمد في السماوات والأرض وعشيا وحين تظهرون 18
TheVerlander Arizona Went to my first show in a long time. Gideon was pretty cool. Expire is still a one hit wonder. Writing for @Avilion | I travel a lot and do nerd shit.
TiputiniTrip One of my coworkers is currently trying to prove that I am @loveteachblog but I am, unfortunately, just not that cool.
VinceKaichan Los Angeles 周辺 and sometimes you stumble upon cool sounds that you get when one snare is only a millisecond before/after the other one Saying dumb things and making music with old obsolete things. I tweet in Japanese sometimes. 時代遅れのテクノロジーで音楽を作ってる大学生。ロボット好き。英語ツイートあり。

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