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djfrankgallo New York City This is kinda cool CBS Responds To Claims Kendrick Lamar's Grammy Performance Was Censored Because Of "Po-Po" ... Radio Personaity, and club DJ...word
gilford_lee Wait. Why are we cheering this @kendricklamar performance? It certainly wasn't the music. The message is cool, but #beydiditbetter #GRAMMYs A fool and his money are soon parted.
saayduh R A V E I'm like JUMPING UP & DOWN WITH SUCH A COOL MELODY. DUDE JACK Ü & JB PERFORMANCE IS TIGHT Remember the day you found home. 【=◈︿◈=】
rickyxdesperado in a lituation So a performance is controversial but slaughtered Black children and imprisoned Black people ain't. Aite. Cool. this is my part so don't speak. this is my part so don't speak.
_starrfire_ California, USA Dang kendrick's performance is really cool😍👌🏼 ihs|Theatre|Dance|Night Owl|P.L.U.R.|Whatever your passion is..Don't stop at succeeding in it.
mattbuchan Seattle This is pretty cool! Now I want to go see the show even more! Finance, economics, and urban planning geek; MBA; sometimes entrepreneur; and downtown Seattle resident.
falvonen Camp Winnipesaukee I love the 6B set but the LA set is so cool especially during performances it's so well lit like you're watching a performance in person LL'S MINIVAN IS HARD AS... | @FallonTonight 11/14/14 @jimmyfallon 2/20/15 |
MoThePolitician L.I. And #2 is the whole idea for kendricks performance was cool and all but coming from somebody that never listens to him. WHAT was he saying? They gon' remember me.
cgulley_97 The Land Donald Trump says racist stuff for his PRESIDENTIAL campaign and it's cool, but Kendrick is called racist for a performance based on facts?? Saint Ignatius High School Class of 15' Cleveland State University Class of 19'
goldithot Greensboro, NC Performance are cool and humans dancing together is the coolest thing in the world how u gonna win when u ain't right within?
_Ms_Nash Maryland, USA MOST of the people clapping after Kendrick's performance had no idea what he said. It's cool. All they need to know is WE gon' be alright. Loving Him Who first loved me. To know that even one life has breathed easier because I have lived—this is to have succeeded.
valeries_solar Kendrick is a cool guy I enjoyed his performance Panic! Emotion! Harrison Ford!
VagueHorror nz Taylor's street style is cool but some of her performance outfits are just 😐 Perpetually tired trash for fiction, fashion, actresses and anime.
megancumm7 Only thing cool about this Pitbull performance is Travis Barker University of Alabama. Pi Beta Phi
alexandramt19 California, USA Pitbull's performance is pretty cool I like it 👌🏼 #GRAMMYs #Grammys2016 Simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.

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