Peyton is Cool.

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Dboyz62 SoCal Cowboys Fan (GodFirst) @jwhitejr that SB pressure is real. It's no joke. Peyton was cool and calm but he made his mistakes. Die-Hard Cowboys Fan dboyz4life - Lived through the Glory Days (90's). #NotForTheFaintOfHeart #CowboysNation #StanleyCupChampsLAKings2012 #UFC155HWChampCainV
JeMiHamilton Minneapolis, MN How cool is it that d-bag @RobLowe congratulates another sexual deviant, Peyton Manning for being a role model. I tweet like a Liberal, vote like a Conservative, but am neither. Confused? Apparently, so am I.
luv2chillout war ready @luv2chillout just 2 be clear CAM NEWTON IS THE COOL GUY AND PEYTON IS THE AWFUL DICKHEAD please don't run games on me I'm not a playstation
tannersandel22 Nashville, Tn Pretty cool statistic, but I still have mad respect for Peyton. Class is hard to come by. #🐊 22. Exodus 14:14 #GatorNation #Smashville #HDMH

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