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fuopy #arduboy on freenode is where the cool kids hang! Posted this WIP demo. #gamedev Hobbyist programmer and an old family friend. Currently doing #Arduboy game development!
JorgeOlson San Diego, California Cool Yoda Said: Not Who You Know it is, It is Who Knows You #fiction #amwriting #promocave Next #Author webinar on marketing your #books Register at: https://t.co/vvhGOQOHDG Build your platform, write more, get more readers, rule the world.
CarolineShaw38 Ames, IA @CHVRCHES so... Yeah... This is really cool Iowa State University-Greenlee School of Journalism. I have sold my soul to music and horses.
HawaiiOlelo Hawaii USA jensandsmark : Who knew IBM was so cool? Or at least their building in Honolulu is!… … Story Talk Around Hawaii
LeelaAndrea WA Artsy mood! I need a surface tablet thing. Whatever it is, it's so cool My identity is found in Christ
JamieWantock Nature is cool Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica
harryluja @notoriousD12 10/5/14 10th: no, he is not as cool as his friend Liam if it weren't illegal I would eat cereal for every single meal of the day // Z016
IAmArjun_R Delhi The weather is so cool and soothing here! 😄Perfect time for reading and eating pancakes... TY @PRHGlobal 4 the book😘 I'm a 16 YO with a HUGE reading and drowning in coffee mania apart from obsessing about my dog Pluto's cuteness. Bliss time =Book Reviewing/Promoting/Blogging

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