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nurchanafi @1DInsideReport , pillow talk is so cool..
DeedIqbal 1Derland @bitchlinson pillow talk is really cool but please do not put down 1Ds music. I have been here from the start for 5/5 n i'll be here till the end.
zaypika @iamsrk Buy Pillow Talk on iTunes your cool kid is back and stronger than ever. anything that you can do, @deepikapadukone can do it better // pre order mind of mine on itunes soon
1D_WorldInfo UK, FR , US & INA Pillow Talk music video is so damn Astagfirullah but overall is cool!! -B Giving you the most important updates about One Direction β€’ INSIDER APP: https://t.co/JjIfDlPaFB
HVARRY94s ig: fedecurra @zaynmalik pillow talk is really cool, your voice is amazing and the video too. Good job, zay πŸ’‹ Anxiety took away the best part of me
ImCalled_Zoe Belgium @zaynmalik Pillow Talk is really cool Nate Parker follow december 19th | Drew Dirksen follow december 26th
bunsandboots one direction & little mix ✨ @zaynmalik Pillow Talk is really good and the video is so cool!! Well done babe, I'm excited for the album ❀️ always in my heart βš“οΈ // a heart of gold and boots to match
808xc Beacon Hills Everyone is talking about Pillow Talk. Then there's me. Texting almost everyone in my contact list about this cool pizza shop. #PillowTalk ☹ regression to the mean ☹
Emmers_K Canada Pillow Talk is pretty great and the music video is very cool and artistic 🎢🎨 I wish Zayn all the best β†’βœ˜ When nothing goes right... go left. ← :P Been alive for 19 years ;P Liam/4 β™‘ 08/01/2014 β™‘ I follow back :)
Stylxsftcth idk mate Ngl Pillow Talk is pretty cool so ... you come here often?

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