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shawnsfatass Portugal #PillowTalk gotta admit the song is really cool some people say this will end one day but I say this will be apart of my life forever
rosha752 Ok I literally don't care about the song right now b/c THAT VIDEO for #PillowTalk is so fucking cool! Good job on that, Zayn! TV Junkie. Pop culture enthusiast and opinionated liberal. Foodie. Barça.
DeclanRobinson9 #PillowTalk this is so cool @zaynmalik so sick man🙌🏼 ✌️
PillowTalkZaiin #Z016 @FCBarcelona My mum just ask to me "Why you so cool like that?" I just say "because, Today is the ZDay mum" my mum just Straight face and go #PillowTalk Live , Laugh and Love @zaynmalik
stelafruit Portugal Zayn's song is cool, lyrics meh, video fits him I guess #PillowTalk Portuguese and concert addicted
rauhlsvocalss justin followed 6/11/2015 this video is so cool #PillowTalk you love who you love, there ain't no other way
zaypika @iamsrk Buy Pillow Talk on iTunes your cool kid is back and stronger than ever. anything that you can do, @deepikapadukone can do it better // pre order mind of mine on itunes soon
leighademyheart IM ON THAT KISSY KISSY BANG BA pillowtalk was fucking cool! I'm kind of drunk but that doesn't matter. it's creative but maybe zayn is kind of dbag NO ONE KNOWS any truth 20, NJ/NYC but I honestly feel like I was born in the wrong country. Fangirl-ing my life away and loving every second of it
papijaxjimenez pillowtalk is cool you think I give a fuck thats a misconception.
AlishaSomaiya @zaynmalik love it! The video is cool too! 👏🏽 gonna be on repeat I think! ☺️😘 #PillowTalk If u enter this world knowing your loved and leave this world knowing the same then everything that happens between can be dealt with- Michael Jackson❤️
harry94infinity Buenos Aires, Argentina @zaynmalik @iTunes I REALLY LOCE #PillowTalk IT IS SO COOL CONGRATULATION!! I love you so much @Harry_Styles! ||I'm Đłяєכтłσηєя|| I'm Harry || All information abolir @onedirection ||• NARRY •|| All the love. N ||
irishflying The music video is so cool! @zaynmalik #PillowTalk y'all needless.
sioper_pao 03212215 HIS MUSIC IS SO FUCKING COOL AND YEAH FUCK FUCK FUCKKKKKKK @ZAYNMALIK #PILLOWTALK lycean.theaterartist.futurechef.PAMANA/ / / Love all round X
Muzic_Is_Life18 Where I'm Supposed To Be I watched the music video for #PillowTalk and felt like I was on an acid trip. Really cool effects though! And a pretty good song. :) Hi, I'm Alexandria and I'm 21. I'm simply trying to figure out this hella confusing thing we call adulthood. Oh, and I met Demi Fucking Lovato on 10/02/14*
808xc Beacon Hills Everyone is talking about Pillow Talk. Then there's me. Texting almost everyone in my contact list about this cool pizza shop. #PillowTalk ☹ regression to the mean ☹
TheReal_Revival Estados Unidos I really love this, is super cool #PillowTalk 💞 I humbly ask you please •Follow Me• Would be a great honor to me! Because I love u, & I feel proud to be your fan! @selenagomez @ShawnMendes @Real_Liam_Payne ❤

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