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littlebillyb02 Fort Worth, TX "I can't sleep, and I lay, and I think The night is hot and black as ink Oh God, I need a drink of cool, cool rain" This storm😍☔ I can't do this all on my own, I'm no Superman
tariqtariqw Lahore / Punjab / Pakistan @iramizraja Himachal is beautifull but Lahore is awesome today ,heavy rain clouds and cool wind big brother. Working journo,presentation temporary content permanent,love Karl Marx hate Nation States fitness is passion
RyanHoggard_ @FaZe_Rain is under 300 away from 3mil go follow him #trickshot #cod #bo3 #3mil #cool #faze #rain Hey. I tweet things
amaumus_ fcc wow this rain is rly cool
wilsxn_tran Rain is cool
CosmicWhales satx this rain is cramping my style but I bought some cool shit today :) plant based, everything
MattTramp Biloxi, MS We bought 6 totinos and two 30 racks this morning, how is it gone already? @AndyJuday @MarcusTramp cool, let's sit outside and watch rain. Owner of South Dakota Baseball Academy. Minor league Clubhouse Manager, Biloxi Shuckers. Sioux Falls, SD.
SilverConductor Sacramento, Ca As much as I love Seattle. this rain is so not cool even though we need it badly. Music, Life, Positive vibes through a universal message, Sophisticated music for the Adult music lover in you, Radio says Yes! to the SC.
_Al_Texas Hallettsville,Tx ↔️Cstat,Tx Rain is cool and all but it better stay away from Concan,Tx next week! Texan by the grace of God | C&A Cattle Co.™| CJ major in the making.|#KeepPounding
diane135130 Orlando, Florida This band is awesome! Laura Rain and the Ceasers out of Detroit. She is so cool to talk to and she signed the... Loving life!
NatashaMcCrea Los Angeles, CA Working in #rain is so cool. I know I'm a big kid. Rain boots here I come. #rain #California #backtowork LOVER & Founder of Love CEO Institute II Speaker, Actress, Wife, Mother, Love and Relationship Coach MOTIVATOR II Learn how attract the perfect mate!
SergeiMMusic7 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA im enjoying the weather we are having here... whether if its sun.. or snow... or even rain... it is cool to have them around! Hi, my name is Sergei and I love promoting music. I was born and raised in Moscow City, Moscow, Russia and I now currently live in North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
dalftdol sf @GraysonDolan rain is cool tho 9 days!! | cam follows + 0/2
MASTERTABBY Tacoma WA You guys, I was wrong! These high 40s temps and rain *are* cool. I saw 'em working in a vape bar... via @ponchoIRL I don't believe the hype
Rosa_Moon_2 East Los Angeles, CA East Los Angeles whether is cool. #RainInEastLA #Rain #EastLA #Whether @ Whittier Boulevard,…
golf_is_cool Schertz, Texas The Black Chronicles Chapter 1 Day 2 The rain still hasn't stopped. Need to find food. Fading fast... Most things in life aren't free but the things that are, are the best things you can find in life. My girlfriends name is Mary. Don't let society change you.
ABC2NEWS Baltimore .@adrienneABC2 is here! She'll be live at 9 with details on this weekend's cool down and chance for rain ABC2 is Maryland's Source for Online Video, News, and Weather. WMAR-TV, Baltimore, #Ravens, #Orioles. @ABC2Weather features Maryland's Most Accurate storm team.

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