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JanuaryWayne2 "Reading texts half asleep is like looking into the sun." and more cool stuff at
CaptainErsatz The Accuracy , Washington tapastic is pretty cool but it should have a reading list feature next to the subscribe so you don't have to sub and unsub to bookmark I am the last cyberpunk. Best self-promoter of all time. Binbou. Culture wizard. Guido who drops the pasta and fusili on his boombox. ❤ @oppibella ❤
ColeDunham California, USA @JankHambrams I liked it! The world is pretty interesting, reading more about it would be pretty cool I play/make games | INTJ | https://t.co/Vu8R0NrYKa| https://t.co/7NCkT7YJ3h | https://t.co/gH7Opec5NP | Pic by @Pooflive | No crowdfire crap
YetuOrg Hadithi Hadithi! Hadithi Njoo! Reading is cool. #StoryForChela @DTBKenya @startalibrary @AKF_EA
DTBduo Reading is Cool, Sharon amazes the crowd while reciting the reading pledge. #Achievemore with DTB ^Juma Juma & Natasha with the inside scoop on the bank, here to help you. We will respond within 2hrs up to 5.30pm on weekdays & 12pm on Saturdays.
dustincjames Myrtle Beach, SC XXL Magazine is cool and all, but their Facebook fans are on a 3rd grade reading level...and way too serious for no reason. music junkie. movie fanatic. chill person.
PushCurious @mashable @StationCDRKelly Too cool! My 13 yr old is going to love reading this! Giving parents #proudmom moments. Lighting the fire of curiosity for #tweens every day. They're the future. ;) Coming Soon - a STEAMbox. https://t.co/nnym9d06lg
marilisa_martel Athens, GA @jacinfitzgerald gorgeous work! reading the bride's story and her calm-cool-collected attitude is a testament to your guidance- well done! (pr. Mary•Lisa) event planner + designer for #MartelEvent | private contractor + creative mentor for #ChanceyCharm
kireikrach Nagoya, Japan Just started reading Vessel by @sarahbethdurst. So far I'm really enjoying it. Liyana is a pretty cool heroine. I am probably a lot less cool than I think I am. Oh well, I never let that stop me.
rash_theTurtle Orlando, FL I'm reading and TBH this is great books are actually pretty cool lmao Good Vibes and a beach Babe is the way SC:lord_rash
staceyviera Washington, D.C. @tassebasse cool! M will love that. Lately we've been reading about Nikola Tesla and alternating current. Is G watching Ready Jet Go on PBS? communications pro/writer/photog @ Best Light Media, LLC. child schlepper/Frenchie cuddler/challah baker/hand wringer/knitter/eater/snarker.
BlactimusPrime West Palm Beach, FL That "reading ain't cool" mentality is getting blacks killed, one way or another. writer. jokester. https://t.co/toV7kNCppD editor-in-chief. IG: BlactimusPrime Snap: TrippyGonzalez alextalley@thacelebritea.com
RaulNNorbe Quezon City, Philippines @ITredux Thanks @ITredux for the FOLLOW. Linking with @ITredux is cool although I'm reading an orthodox book. Really, a great look @ITredux Urban Gardener and Creator of Lito Puzzlemaker. My advocacy is on Creativity.I want people thinking and smiling while puzzling and gardening.
_gloomytoon The Buddhism book I'm reading is cool because it totally goes with my acceptance of negativity philosophy. i wanna be a spookster
SadeeStewart London, England the lineup for reading is cool I suppose though, so we're definitely going reading this year👏 oli sykes is my spirit animal, bye
AlCalogne @William_Jones9 thank you for reading bro how dope is that.. So cool I'm annoying but not boring #EaglesNation #MavsNation #CuseNation
Zeekdaafreek 401|815|207 If you're a female and this is the only tweet you're reading of mine: I make mils and am cool so marriage. I roll with a bible on my dash
minskyghafoor Lahore|Riyadh|Vermont @PBW_Poet loved loved loved your poetry reading at Bennington tonight! And that switching between prose and poetry is cool thank youuu A paradox is at work.
miamihustleco Miami, FL Reading is cool. #Resistance is your friend. "Show up everyday" @bradfwells #wisdomfrombrad #wisdomforthehustle Podcast telling the stories of entrepreneurs hustling hard in the Magic City
brimblee Golden, CO Cool new tool - The Open Syllabus Explorer - create your own reading list that is practically curated by the best SA Pro who loves an adventure, a good book and a great challenge!

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