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chrisbigmoney Austin, TX responsibility is cool, but there's more things in life, like making dat art staying up all fucking nite I throw flame & spit hot fire as @chrisbigmoney. #PS4 tryhard, classic #disco enthusiast, #strugglerapper, #peepmymixtapefam https://t.co/mk8cjUUqGu
kittenmelk @matekeyer responsibility is cool but so is beer so¿¿ :^) a texan in tacoma. pinball. beer. cosmetology.
belynda13 USA @DLoesch Mr. Cruz is the CEO of his campaign. The voter shaming mail & now this? Dodging responsibility is BHO'S thing. Not cool by Cruz. Southern Wife, Mom, Christian Conservative #FLEUR #America #Israel #USMilitary #IDF #BlueLivesMatter #RWNJ #LNYHBT #2A #TCOT #PHNET #SisterPatriots #DC4L #PJNET
afxnet London Cool: Why re#sponsibility is #advertising s burning platform We are a group of professional marketers who run a series of affiliate marketing sites and part of the Poliakoff Group of companies
homiekatniss pawnee I hope that when people buy pets just to seem cool they know how much responsibility that is syd // sports, superheroes, and space n shit
franksometimes USA @souf6od I see your Black Pride, and I'm cool w/ that — I have White Pride. But the time for blaming Whitey is over. Take responsibility. #FreeThought #FreeSpeech
sooose_22 racine Its cool work is giving me a lot of responsibility between 2 job sites but when you call me at 5 am waking me up talking about work, im mad. 21 years | Racine Wi
CrunkShanna4 GA &NY #WWHL Kenya taking responsibility is cool. I am the stone that the builder refused. I am a whisper caught between two cotton balls. I comment on everything.
VonKlopp Madison area, (Wisconsin) @MillerLK3 - ok, as long as it's you K. You have to admit a big ass storm is freakin cool one time every year. A copout for responsibility *AdvoCare Distributor - https://t.co/t5oWs5zxJI *A Dad *Soccer coach & fanatic. *Owner of https://t.co/9BZ3mIT4v6 *Music fan, foodie, rum n coke consumer
bigsleazynoodle my room School is cool Mondays are fundays and I love responsibility See y'all tomorrow maybe I've never been outside
1mtlpaul @MRAQuincy @StevenRettig @BlackBeard20096 men taking responsibility for telling other men rape isn't cool is not exactly a huge burden Librarian-researcher, writer-editor, singer-songwriter, photographer, husband and stepfather
klm3471 This is the type of shit I hate about SSU. Yeah, it looks cool. But what's even cooler? Financial responsibility. puppies and burritos
MCollinsbotkr moron, mongolia F-this! U think you're so F-ing cool? F-yeah! This tweet is sponsored by the letter "F." Fun, Friday, Fisticuffs Fiscal responsibility! I'm not reall Misha Dmitri Tippens Krushnic korea bot. (Collins is Stage name) 욕트,섹트,반말주의. 또라이주의보. 멘션주면 팔로. 오역, 제보는 고맙게 받겠다 (굽신) 미샤나 슈내에관한건 번역함.

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