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rbrads_radley Florida Meghan Trainer is cool and all but that shoulda been Sam Hunt's 😡 Some say I'm the best. I say they're right. -Zach Daniels Florida State❤️ & Rugby
ImKingMosis With Waldo Sam Hunt is cool. Pilot ✈️ Entrepreneur and Apprentice for Jones Avionics LLC , Competing at the highest level in this game called life. ATX --- HTX ---- LA✈️
xXx_ImDOPE_ #LongLiveTrayvon⛅️ I don't like country music but Sam Hunt is pretty cool if I claimed anything, you'd hold it to my head ➰
tncummings Tay Swift looks like Anna Wintour, LL Cool J talks too much, and this Sam Hunt/Carrie Underwood is the whitest thing ever. #grammythoughts elearning developer. i have many opinions about tv and media. sometimes I tweet about them.
Mat_brent BBN, KY Sam Hunt is to country music what LL Cool J is to country music.
teddysdope Pennsylvania @SilentKnightter it was cool seeing Sam Hunt's tribute to Dem Franchise Boys with his fashionable white tee..this is sarcasm lol Good music all day
jameslewis100 LA/ TCU Football Games/ Nordstrom Everyone is going to give me 20-30 minutes to cool down after that Sam Hunt Carrie Underwood mashup. Thanks. #sweating Future owner of the San Diego @chargers. @TCU Grad. Just an average guy trying to make his life seem cool. RIP Daisy (2001-2014).
juliansdayoff22 Sam Hunt is cool. #GRAMMYs I ❤️ Alyssa | ASU'16 | @socalcatch play-by-play | @CChroniclesSBN editor | @sportscronkite reporter covering the @dbacks
BeccaRoffe Grove City IM SORRY BUT I CANT STAND SAM HUNT THAT IS NOT SINGING/ RAPPING THAT IS SPEAKING. ANYONE CAN DO THAT. YOU ARE NOT COOL. GOODBYE. Coffee addict, puppy enthusiast, music aficionado. I sing sometimes. It's not bad. Grove City High School Touch of Class
bankslikeASHLEE Following the white rabbit... & looking at Sam hunt is cool too #CubaLibre
mgjohnson23 Morgantown, WV It's really cool that the #GRAMMYs are giving people who can't sing the chance to perform. Sam Hunt is doing a great job representing. Husband. Follower of Jesus. Pastor. Friend. Lover of baseball. Dog Walker.
IamNeyski Southern California Sam Hunt is cool but it's still #TeamToriKelly for Best New Artist. I tweet about music & sports: Lakers, COWBOYS, Dodgers, Galaxy, ChelseaFC, UCLA, USMNT, SuperEagles, Eldrick Woods, JGordon, Kings, etc. #Naija #GBS #BeGreat
TylerWFerris Western Virginia What do you think Sam Hunt is thinking about besides is my hair still cool? keep your expectations low and your tolerance high
kingshaundiz 360/425/206 sam hunt is cool but yes. let's get this out the way now i love basketball. i love tweeting nonsense. tweets don't represent my employer. Pat Forde hates me and it's funny
FiyaAngelou Here So Sam Hunt is Country music's Drake? Okay cool. Got it. Someone's daughter, sister, friend, Soror, lover, mentor, boss, employee, co-worker, girlfriend, future wife, and most importantly, a child of God.
Dreama_26 Sam. Hunt. YES. Oh, and Carrie is hanging out too...that's cool. #Grammys2016
clarkent_swag C L E V E L A N D . Sam Hunt is a cool dude honestly Unapologetically Black. ✊

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