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samanda666 I just bought a cool new Poo-Chi robot dog! Scientology is the only true science! We gotta take the power back!
Bookwyrm020 Yet another reminder that science is cool.
stefanbell Here. In your timeline. |the| @metacouture #cool #future #science |daily| by @Just_TinaD @StefanBell is out! #Innovator #Inventor #FineArtist #Founder @Metacouture Network #♫@The_Stefan_ #Co-founder @JimmySTARSworld NETWORK #Financial #Marketing Advisor 2 @DrJimmyStar
KATRlNATU Melbourne, Victoria @coffeechomik @AdamBongo nah science is cool were doing revision and I understand it so i didn't waste of time doing pointless revision stars and space and sdk
IAmCaduceus Political Science is so cool, i was sad i the teacher called off yesterday. Smoking cigarettes, and taking my life for granted.
wildcarddotexe m o u n t a i n s science is cool as hell, also parmesean has amines linked to the odor of rotting flesh #TheMoreYouKnow draangmaster
Nanashrew Arlington, Texas science is cool tbh I talk about games, but also talk about random things too. I love music, I have listened to every OCR song known to man. My spirit animal is Kirby. NeoGAFFer
sofiamarie00 dc a cure to Hep C??? Science is so cool. Waffle fanatic
pplatteel Cool & stylish way to measure and try to combat #airpollution #technology is awesome #science
capalbotenor Cool & stylish way to measure and try to combat #airpollution #technology is awesome #science opera- tenor- actor
emmerz08 Cincinnati, Ohio Science is so cool Just so were clear, I'm fatter in person. I also post a lot of pictures of my dog.
hypercubexl Los Angeles, CA This is some kind of right wing hate magnet - science, islamic, art, canada? metamaterials are cool CG Artist, Avatar, Power Rangers, Child Actor, Small Wonder, Warren, Dad Jokes
elainaaedwards DTX/SMTX Why is science so cool do it now lick it good buy me dinner just like you should.
rabbitearz93 Washington, DC Moral of the story: It’s a small world. Science is cool. And Somewhere, Francis Tully is smiling. Producer @natgeo social | formerly @pjstar and EIC @dailyegyptian | visual journalist | photographer | SIU alumna | Midwest transplant | owl, rabbit obsessed
idefyyou United States @BellamyYoung Can you believe I was in the same city as you 90 minutes ago and now I'm 700 miles away? Wow airplanes! Science is cool. Bellamy Young is my favorite little biscuit. Mellie Grant is the most important. https://t.co/Vnn6ZmC3fe #BlackLivesMatter
UQ_News Brisbane @TGAsuperheroes has featured UQ science superstar @DrMaggieHardy in their #STEM comic. How cool is that? News and events at The University of Queensland. Monitored by the UQ media team during business hours. Visit //t.co/Dy3B8xH7Wj

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