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Anotherfilmnerd Australia. Nowadays, you get a screening of The Exorcist and people show up to point and laugh. Is it hipster irony? People showing how cool they are? Cranky Monday morning quarterback, occasional contributor to @thespoilist, consumer of popular culture. Possibly obsessive compulsive. Also an excellent driver.
Towelheady phoenix, Earth parks and rec is a cool show, theres zero characters that I don't like nicest asshole & shortest giant. sound tribe is my religion.
takaaa1002 @nicoletters ahhh this dudes design is so cool and that suit is wild hahaha !! I need to watch this show ... US cosplayer and gigantic fujoshi! アメリカ人レイヤーです! 日本語OK! 進撃の巨人/ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 / 黒子のバスケ / FREE! / 801
LesSavyDav Chicago, IL @therealelp he seems loose, relaxed. Which is cool on a show where most actors are over doing it. Lucas doesn't like my Twitter handle, who cares.
dariandominick San Benito If anybody needs a cool new show to watch, "Love" on Netflix is pretty damn awesome. Great show man @JuddApatow. 19 | College. | #PackersNation | @johnmayer Popcorn Server. | 102412
SKINNER oakland Ca janelleblarg who is a comics appreciater/maker wanted to show me some of the cool stuff she got… //t.co/tZqJZastn6

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