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deopasquini_ Soccer is cool af don't get me wrong. But playing it and watching it two different things don't admire me, I ain't shit... yet
oNhile @IvGeezy It is pretty cool. But I am just saying when you say "nobody cares about soccer" (America) 👍. My fucking Broodder @Gwuas --Day 1 @yrnrain -- Smite Trio: @ImNectar @Obseneee.
Bryan_Coolkid Not that anyone cares but tomorrow is senior night for boys soccer it'll be cool if anyone went 😅😂 the game is at 3 not 5:30 btw Privileged
PandiaDeErick Soccer is cool and all but you can't compare a worldwide sport to a sport that is played mainly only in America Jamie ❤️ ❤️
mfhex #bEASTCOAST #47 ⚽️ soccer is cool finessing • ha - happy
Its_A_Beaner10 #SuperBowl Is cool in all , but come on people.. It will never come close to the best sport in the world ! Soccer ❤️ #CivicNation ~DisabilityDoesntStopDreams~ #AmericanistaDe❤️ @ClubAmerica #MexicanAmerican #LoveGaming #Futbol❤️
mikaelacobo Hyrule football is a stupid sport imo. baseball and soccer are cool sports. but I strongly dislike football. the biggest nerd you will ever meet
FGsandiego San Diego, CA How cool is this?! Premier League soccer teams are playing #footgolf. What do you say @SockersSanDiego? Home to all things footgolf in San Diego
Czar_GOLD Football is cool but it's sooo drawn out. Soccer is where it's at Listen I've earned my Federalihood!!! Ni Ile Aiye
Mel__Ken Palm Beach, Florida The super bowl is cool and all but soccer is life.
hiatt_cassie This is Jens. He is a cool cat. Jens plays soccer. Jens always wants to fight me. I am now related to Jens. Don't waste your time on people who do not make you a better person
Jram_1993 Just unfollowed a guy for tweeting about soccer during the SUPERBOWL. Soccer is cool but it's football time right now! I was lost yet he still found me. Dancing to the rythm of my own heartbeat changing the world one person at a time. #PreMed #SWOSU Music is life, God is love.
BanksBossx @DarkHorse0412 Soccer is cool, just not everywhere Suggesting to watch Premier League (UK) Bundesliga ( Germany) And the spanish one #YeaOh
GlennisCornwell Texas, USA Football is cool but soccer is cooler⚽️ the carousel never stops turning
CahilxBrandon CA I don't know what a complete pass is & I don't even get any of the cool American commercials. No wonder Europe thinks Soccer is better. Degausser. Mandalore. 1989. Still Straight Edge. Basic Punk.
ItsMandy_ish official fifty member But it felt like what the soccer World Cup is to us Europeans and it was so freaking exciting and cool and I was hooked! I fall in love with every pretty thing. I also have a cheese fetish. Best part of anything I say is what I don't say. I curse a lot & I kinda like Jamie Dornan
camzi200 canadian born #SuperBowlSunday Broncos #18 ❤️❤️❤️ soccer is amazing but football is pretty cool too u can be u

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