Social media is Cool.

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AmandaFoxton Wishing all my social media's theme is in black... 😌😌😌😌 it'll look cool... Rochelle Adim ❀ #CaKe
keaijaahreba Ktx PSA: smoking weed and doing drugs is not cool and will get you nowhere in life. Stop posting about it on social media bc no1 cares. Thx :-) I strive to be a little more like Chandler Bing everyday
BitchImJustin social media is cool but I put value in real life connections yu feel me
I_GouHard So much negativity on social media, just cool out. Life is so good😌
elithvprxphet Social Media is cool but lame at the same time. God's son.
BoogsMalone Orlando via Pine Hills, FL SOCIAL MEDIA IS COOL BUT I'M REALLY OUT HERE PUSHING IDEAS TO THE LIMIT. #BEATS AND #PROMO Like me on Facebook https://t.co/RUwi1WopWL| Follow me on IG https://t.co/zy6I8GuBJv
ozlemankarali Δ°stanbul Is The Internet of Things (IoT) Creepy or Cool? - Social Media Week - #MarketingManager #Coffee #Books #ScienceFiction #Ecommerce #Econ #METU #ODTU #InteractiveMarketing #BilgiUniversity @nextakademi
____queencee Louisiana, USA 😊🀘🏽- hey maww, what is upp πŸ˜‚ but we don't don't talk to each other unless we're on social media πŸ™„ that's weird but your cool people 😊 Charnise Bryonna | EMHS Senyaa ❀ | Rest in Peace Bugg ❀ | Free My Brothers |
jordansnapspics Picha Land Haha, when you really got ntn to say so all you say is you're cool cuz social media doesn't really show the real depth to a person You already know what I do.... IG:jordantakespics_

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