Spring break is Cool.

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asvpdmo Spring break is cool and everything but shit I miss the LU no goverment name. nothing new LU #17
GeorenFalzone GCU bound I wish I could go cool places for spring break but I can't cause my family is broke af senior @ skyline // Tanner R. Harmsen ❤
InsertHerePoyo Maryland, USA Bed time! Good news is, I can't wait to spend @TheRealLeZagna's Spring Break with him! <3 (Oh I won Smash Cafe, that's cool too :]) Taken by @thereallezagna :]
NattyB17 ΔΖ, UofL | IG: NattyB177 Spring break is cool but I miss my dog take a breath and let the rest come easy ✨
sarahsdrew 64 days @zapcamil let me just warn you: petrasolanos is calm cool and collected but sarahsdrew party's harder than college students on spring break Idk what to make my bio I've changed it like 6 times
satscribe A big city in So Cent Tx Sorry, TxDoT, but closing a lane of I-35 in prime time evening hours during spring break/SXSW is not cool. Freelance writer, @SAC_PR/@TxSt alum, SA native, progressive Catholic, sci-fi/tech/music/movie geek, multisports fan, wannabe novelist, hiker. #Latism #Sarcasm
HoesBe4Bros NYC✈️ATL @PCB2live anytime is better. Summer is cool b/c it's regular people out. Older guys just go to pcb spring break to be thirsty over 18yr olds #CancerSurvivor ✊ #Onlythestrongsurvive
hammahtimeee NoDak When everyone is on a cool vacation and you're stuck working all of spring break 😑 The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all |NDSU '17|
dyslexnia secret beach SPRING BREAK IS SO CLOSE I TASTE IT I'M READY TO HAVE FUN AND DO COOL STUFF president of @GVKeyClub princess of @kwiyomi_
taliafirenze NJ Okay Spring Break is cool and all, but where tf is @kaylagordon17?! This break ain't shit without my lil bitch. Come home quicker xoxo A pessimist is a person who has had to listen to too many optimists. • Marist'19
B_Rob_theman13 Man everybody is doing something cool over spring break and I'm at home working! I hope spring break is different next year
megbro10 Spring break is already halfway over and I've yet to go anywhere or do anything cool/fun just a soul whose intentions are good ~ insta - cosmicccbrownie • snap - megbro10
BradDouglasJacq @sam_candee @mollykrueger spring break is cool but I miss you guys Im gonna miss the lights #EKU #PGM class of 2018 ΣΑΕ
staygrizzly Montreal & Ohio Yeah spring break somewhere warm is cool, but but but watching Blade Runner in boxers is cooler Game designer/developer who's consumed more Flamin' Hot Cheetohs than any person should consume in their entire life.
xhilaxx next week is spring break and my bf and my friends dont wanna hangout with me cool ((((:: ❥ R.I.P Christian LaVoie ❥

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