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STiNG_AJay Houston, Texas @DudePerfect u guys r awesome! Quick question, r yall thinking about doing cool stunts w/ WWE superstars, since Wrestlemania is in Dallas? Have Asperger's Syndrome, Astros, Rockets and Texans fan, Call of Duty Gamer, WWE fan, future Monster Energy athlete. gaming fanatic
SweepTheLeg337 South Florida Sting left The Police and became the dude who used to be cool and hip and now is just that guy your mom likes. Like Lebron leaving the Heat check out my tweets while the DJ revolves it. heat/noles/dolphins
TheNoLookPass SoCal. For now. @JaredDudley619 They gotta know the demographic. Sting is not "cool" in this generation. 'Flowers rot but ball is life,' the immortal @ashleyxholcomb
ScottCottos Fostoria, Ohio What's cool is I probably wouldn't have to explain Sting to at least half of my youngblood followers. Lots of kids like the old stuff, too. NW Ohio sports journalist. Valparaiso graduate. Fan of Cleveland sports and classic rock. Motto: If you can't beat 'em, make fun of 'em.
CampfireSauce PHILLY by way of BOYERTOWN PA @stan__hansen @Itsthelimittt @GumbyDatBoy sting is cool Sponsored by @drpepper
Denard_Smith7 Crenshaw, Los Angeles @talkhoops @si_nba how is it cool to hate on sting? Cashier @BurgerKing #LivinThaRichLife #BLM
piercegradone Chicago, IL All the Sting hate on my TL is making me sad. I know it’s cool to hate him, but I still like a vast majority of his musical work. composer/erstwhile bassist. My music has been described as music.
Skip1288 @DavidMTodd Sting is just cool Steelers Pirates Penn State
devonjdawson Boston, MA Adam Silver: Who's cool? Intern: Drake's new song is fire. It's called Hotline Bling. Silver: Perfect. Let's call this "Hotline Sting." producer, audio engineer, owner @beartonestudio • senior strategist @agencypja • 20% of @regaloaks • former @square • burrito enthusiast • avid indoorsman

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