Storm is Cool.

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bryce_mcgehee This storm is cool Woodland Native, somewhere near Chicago
Sharerlar @baratiddy @alexsophabmisay This is my first time rly experiencing a storm in the city and iT'S SO COOL I like to draw and cry over fictional characters.
JGreenD1 Wisconsin OMG THIS STORM IS NOT COOL!! 😭😭 Instagram~ jordan.gabrielle
Jman5Music Chicago Watching this lightning storm right now in the city is so cool ⚑️ Determined. I rap/write/sing/produce. Into You: https://t.co/0ZTK1tCxn1
CrowleyMia this storm is pretty cool but the sirens may or may not scare the shit out of me πŸ™„ sc- miacrowley12
mandaLmeek89 Chicago! It's kinda cool hearing the coyotes howling outside my wind my guess is from the storm it was a good 5 mins Tommorws another day! Family is forever ! White Sox Baseball ❀️#14 Uuuh What ?
brestutsman beacon hills (or bama) driving into a storm in the middle of the night is both equally cool and terrifying take me to a concert or a blackhawks game & i'm yours
runningshawn Isabel is making fun of me that I'm terrified of a storm NOT COOL it's a bop is what the kids would say
RussianPharaoh FL @KVNGBALOR I feel like it's cool, but the girl has to bring it. Halle is a tough shoe to fit. Especially storm I've had a good heart for all of the wrong people, so I'm not interested.
madie1018 @_brianna2016 cool and how long is the storm your suppose get to last? live ,laugh ,love β™₯ and i love @jamesmaslow , @thecarlospena , @loganhenderson @heffrondrive and I always follow back
Meg_Dugg How am i supposed to study for stuttering when there is a cool storm outside to watch with kale β›ˆ Illinois State Redbird XC/TF
alexisdeeelong Metamora, IL Mom: "Alexis said she'd storm chase with you & that it'd be cool to die doing it" My uncle: "She is my spirit animal" Instagram: alexisdeeelong
DWess23 Not gonna lie this storm is cool to watch 😎 UTHS Baseball player. Class of '16. Heartland Commit ⚾️
FreecoasterJay This storm is cool and all, but I really hope the power doesn't go out bc I have to shit I ride bikes. Pound Sign Been Trilla. Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubbies. #chitowndown #youfuckingseeit Instagram: Freecoasterjay
garberinc Ohio, USA .@Ryan_Wichman Now this is a cool rotating #storm! #weathergeek RN, CEN | Chaplain| #ARES- Ham Radio | Thoughts are my own| #Godisgood Eph 6:12-13 #2A #NRA
Storm_aggedon @ShadowBeatz_Inc Hey M8 I want to use one of your songs, Just on more night, as background music for one of my videos, is that cool with you

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