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Nihilist_1 A desolate wasteland Twitter offline is pretty cool. I write stuff and nobody likes it. Similar to online but nobody sees it. Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager managing an imaginary menagerie. Live my life for a day and be free. All you have to do is let go.
KitsuneHi13 Aurora, IL why do cool stuff happen on the same weekend? Ferris Fest is the same weekend as ACen. D: i want to go to both... :( Procrastinator with a PhD in Bull Shitting. Going Boldly where no Geek has Gone Before!
danecarbaugh Portland @AdiJoseph people say they like it cause it’s so different and stuff, which is cool. But it makes sense people don’t for that reason NBA video analyst with @SBNation + @HPBasketball + @Blazersedge + @Flo_Hoops. Formerly: @SportingNews.
millerlee Waimea and Honolulu HI I got some Ova Easy from a friend and this stuff is cool. It souffles right up or make a breakfast burrito/omelet with it or scrambled... Expert in residential and commercial mortgage-related finance, mortgage debt restructuring and trading, seller-financed note & settlement conversions.
TahjeSueJohnson @YahinesB stuff is pretty cool, who'd you go with Part Samoan. just trying to live life and be successful. Be a good person!
spidercycle @ambraxos that IS pretty cool that's good stuff right there...i'd rec you the arc w the stingers+organic webs but it's not that great parker | 18 | it/its (she/her aux) | i love to complain about bad media i shovel into my mouth

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