Taylor swift is Cool.

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vasypniewski Orange County, California And why is Taylor Swift still relevant? Her constant need to try to be awkward/cute/cool is just trying way too hard and shes such a turnoff 2L. Syracuse University, 2013. East Coast native. I love everything Orange, Law & Order: SVU and regularly complain about law school
t_s_institute .@KansasCityEric of @KCMO Taylor Swift fame is pitching a cool new code violations project. #projectrally s/open data/Taylor Swift/g
xmelamo Los Angeles, CA Buzzfeed, you need to cool it on the Taylor Swift articles. 8/20 top trending are about her and that is absolutely not ok Designer / art director / boba enthusiast
KamauWaset Yeah, Taylor Swift is cool but.....Kendrick Lamar though becoming all I can be
SUPAHBOT You know how someone hands you a bagel but doesn't put cream cheese on it? Taylor Swift is that bagel. It's cool b… Multiple bots in one! We are currently: Over 9000 bot, Cheese bot, Hello bot, Dog Bot, Doge Bot,
TaylorMartinez7 Idc what anyone says I love Taylor Swift and will always buy her music because she is great and has a cool name ΧΩ • UA '19
michellenevapaz Santa Fe, NM Taylor Swift is cool & no hate towards her, but she's a basic artist. BASIC. Boring. All of her songs sound the same. The real Michelle Paz. Comedian, A-list actor, singer & sometimes rapper. Currently writing the script to a movie that's about me. U probably wish I was ur bff.

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