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MyTechGadgets1 New York, USA Twig for iPhone- very cool This is fascinating! Check ... - #gadgets #technology #technews
vannahrayz Technology is cool & all but kinda annoying sometimes, like when it messes up on something important ya know I like long walks and hate rude people
Malarchuck Granite Bay, CA This is a very cool visual representing adoption of key #technology advancements over time. #SXSW Focused on making a difference every day | #IBMer - working to improve outcomes across public sector & healthcare. #CAGovIT | Views are my own. #SoccerDad #IBM
doug69 Fly Over Country,Mo. This is sooo very COOL.. Technology is amazing.. #Periscope is #Awesome!!! #AlwaysTrump **ADD ME TO A LIST=BLOCK** #2A-*Disability Advocate-T.A.SpecSch.Dist.STL.**PROUD-USAF fam*-#tcot #pjnet #ProLife #GiveMeLibertyOrGiveMeDeath
MyTechGadgets1 New York, USA This technology is cool. For more cool technology ... - #gadgets #technology #technews
JakeWeaver_15 Fort Wayne, IN Technology is cool. Sending back video 2hrs away from the station in North Judson Indiana via a… Photojournalist for WANE-TV. Loving life right now. All tweets are my own and do not reflect upon my employer.
MyTechGadgets1 New York, USA How cool is this pocket projector? - #gadgets #technology #technews
folieadue Gainesville, FL Listening to @themaine 's live stream on my phone while getting ready to go to a show. Technology is cool Freelance Music Photographer & Writer 'Local Spotlight' for @focuszine. (she/her)
mkane848 Toms River, NJ I just want a loop pedal so I can perform Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most alone and giggle at how cool technology is Angry guitarist for @ProspectHC • Well-mannered Programmer • Big Spoon for all
lsparrow Toronto, ON Couldn't make it to my grandmother's 80th birthday party so I FaceTimed in. Technology is pretty cool sometimes. a mad woman in more ways than one

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