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Sidney_Veronica lmaoo I love you too ❤️ lipstick girl is a cool ass name though I feel 😂 and thanks boo that's you 😘 snapchat: sidney_veronica || 16 || mhs
UTAU_CRI_Bot I mean it's cool that TaYLoR is my sister and all but she still threatens to kill me ; v ; TofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofuTofu
_desireeong English is weird because "that's cool" and "that's fire" have the same connotation but their denotations are completely opposite haha fresh like mayonnaise
kittybutts3 Chino And then she just sees the cool kids(aka Bernie) and follows them because that's what everyone else is doing 24. Hairstylist. California. Meeko ❤️
GrizzyGalore Michigan, USA Honestly there's no reason to stay up over a tie breaker for a primary in one State. But I think everyone is just having fun, & that's cool! Freelance Illustrator and all around art maker, studied at Ringling College of Art & Design. I use twitter to be extra nerdy. Contact: EliseGriswold@gmail.com
dflite London @autoblography That's cool. Engineering is cool. Like music. Like photos. Like comedy. Like computers. Like work.
Mrs_Fangirl Republic of the Philippines @BTS_twt JUNGKOOK IS SO COOL AND PERFECT BECAUSE WHEN HE DANCES HE'S A LIVING ART! HAVE YOU NOT SEE THAT IN YOUR VIDEOS?!? We are under the same sky - RapMon
SpineAcht Nashville, TN @dakidukno that game is cool, and it's something fresh and interesting on the main stage. I got super stoked seeing it on the game list. President of the Panty Lover Club. Afraid to press buttons.UNI/Carmine MBAACC/F/H-Roa DFCI/Kuroko BBCPE/Azrael PSN: Princess_Spinach
femdotdotcom Chicago lol. so my phone is not turning on. that's cool too. i'm not always there when you call, but i'm always on time. |iv.| [fem]delacreme. femdotraps@gmail.com
julieisthatcool in a triplet world My temper use to be so bad shit it still is that's why I stay cool Life is beautiful living is pain
cyndi_mo Los Gatos, CA @DaraMWilson That's actually awesome! A cool civics lesson for you. My kiddo is just not temperamentally suited to hanging out like that. Happy to be mom to Charles, partner to Kitt and enjoyer of local foods. #TWiBNation
MetacatLeah No it's not cool to joke about suicide, and of course I'll make a big deal is someone jokes about that, that's not okay
_brendenwhite 206 @livelokai is such a unique charity. It's so cool to see something so simple help fund so many great causes that affect people every day. alive in the age of worry

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