The Cat Valentine`s Day Is Cool

The Cat Valentine`s Day Is Cool

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magicmikecastle Earf 😢 I once saw a peer of mine put hot sauce on his food and then blow on it. I asked why he blew on it. He said to cool it down. This is still the dumbest thing I've ever witnessed. I like comedy; i act in unaired pilots; i write things people don't read; recently @biketassel on Instagram; 日本語を学ぶ
imraansiddiqi Phoenix, AZ Very cool and normal to say a black congresswoman would be in the KKK. Any company that advertises with this filth is complicit. “soulful brown eyes.” - Arizona Republic
MattZeitlin New York "the kidney has a very special place in the heart" is just pure sublime. we finally have a challenger to "very legal and very cool" and "one of the wettest we've ever seen from the standpoint of water." Reporter. Have written for places — buzzfeed, slate, medium, the nation, vox, the new republic — and would like to write for you. matthew.zeitlin@gmail.com
AimeeMaroux The theme for this week's #FolkloreThursday is weather. The ancient Greeks had a few major and several minor gods to control the weather. #Zeus brings the rain clouds and thunderstorm and lightning. His wife #Hera clear skies and cool breezes but also violent storms. I write #erotica about #sexy #GreekGods & #GreekMythology 🏛️ #Read a free #shortstory: #Commissions are open 🖋️
Moregano_ Glasgow, Scotland went to singl end today at merchant city and one of the staff had @thetwilightsad nwtbhnwtl album art tattoos on the back of their arms & i couldnt stop staring. they were literally so fkn cool and i told them so before we left bc i was in awe. proper makes me want to get my own welly boots and space suits ☔🚀
Carolin92140202 Puerto Rico, USA @AOC As far as ticking time bomb. Is that going to be your new go to phrase, in addition to everyone that doesn't agree with you is racist? A phrase copied from an OIG report and the dim lightbulb in your head thought "that sounds cool!" SMH Recently Retired Federal Agent.
Live_for_Films The Wirral Cool Art: Alien, John Wick, and The Star Wars Trilogy by Gabz. Details here I am an artist, podcaster - @After_theEnding, film blogger and father. I also have a beard.
ang_hatcher San Francisco, CA I’m in this amazingly cool place, and all I want to do is sit outside with a book somewhere and read and do nothing touristy. So that’s what I’m doing, and that’s OKAY. Self care still applies when everyday you’re running around a city trying to see all the sights. Easily identifiable from a distance, courtesy of my red glasses.
keicerise jp/kr songs ok! (London UK) @SidereaCaelum — first impression: BADASS COOL OC AND VOICE WOW SLAY — your nickname in my head: sid — do i like you: YES YES — you are my: friend!!!! — to be honest: you are so nice and cool and lovely and deserve the world yes we stan im not good with words hfshhc ー Kacey 'Kei' Cerise (aka Cheri)|Singer/Dancer/VA|18|Kpop/Jpop|ENG/日本語 OK | i/h: haniwa thots | Roxie of @project_undo (VA)
xpinkpixiedollx Glossop Derbyshire Manchester I genuinely did like the girls shirt which had animals on it and was really funky (in a cool way) and I said I liked it but honestly it felt so good and lovely paying someone a compliment it will have felt nice to her (hopefully) and it felt just as good when I gave her it ☺❤ ❤️ - Acting dancing & singing - stay strong never give up the fight you too can fulfil your dreams and if you truly believe anything is possible - ❤️
AlineDobbie Worldwide We went swimming at Shiv Niwas Palace pool and guess what the water was actually cool My trilogy on India in hard cover & e-books; same for Quicklook at India. I return annually to India & also Greece. Tiger conservation is my commitment
iam_alabarma Ibadan, Nigeria OBO @iam_Davido Just landed a wonderful android game that will fetch you cash and also for the fun of it. This game is cool, easy to play. Even your mind and soul won't just stop playing. Link on @iam_Davido to visit the link on how to download the game. Am just trying to find my way up👆 MANCHESTER UNITED is d Team.
Henshinforpie Somwhere @RiderLOVEcast REALLY cool! I love Zero One's slerk design, and the cool looking Drivers! Also, I will totally get toys of my girl Valkerie! I am equally obsessed with anime, tokusatsu, folk music, and singing. I also will own a cat someday, and I will name it Zaruba.
DougTerborg US, Livin’ in ‘da Mitten @Niki7a The only place worthy of a desert invite better have a huge cool-pool and a combination Gatorade/Tiki-Bar. SysAdmin, IT-guy, geek. Chaotic neutral. Cats & dogs. Go Cubs-Tigers! Ethical nonpartisan politics,human rights,civil liberties. Snarknivore, #Nihilanthropy .
Rishabh06630618 @msdhoni The True legend of cricket history in India....will be known For the cooling style Mr cool😎 and the mahi for everyone.. My Hero... love you Bileve In KarMa😍😘
brettcoffey @codywinnell It’s awesome. This story is pretty cool and makes me want to get to Sombor Opinions are my own.
kacedawnh Portsmouth, OH Going to the library today and getting astrology for dummies bc this crap is COOL trying to make it
ArchitectMM New York, NY/ HudsonValley, NY One of the highlights of our recent off-site was being able to stay IN the #ModernAccordDepot, and most of the team got to sleep in the super-cool bunk room!... (new post) Marica McKeel is an architect, designer, foodie, entrepreneur + the founder of Studio MM, a residential architecture firm in NYC.
nicknameTree @realDonaldTrump You are a fuking dipcrap. If you think looking like fat bastard’s stunt double is cool, but you’re the President and you suck at joking. Be the President already and not a fukin schmuck. Texas A&M Alum #MAGA can #LIGMA
DiaNeverExisted Bahrain @wasfi_glaig Thought it’ll be cool w the amount of layers and this is what it is 💀 ANIS
KANAOT7 This forking won nation group sjssksjsj popped on my instagram for know damn reason. One of the guys is cool though the rest act all gangster and “hood”but literally live in a country where guns is illegal. don’t tell me what to do on my twitter, just mind your business and go on with your beautiful life💜
Aishishii Germany Gonna pick one more OC for the experiment thingy, but damn, all of them are cool and I have a hard time deciding which one I want to give a shot 😆 ✧.⁺ (≖ᴗ≖) ⁺.✧ 🇩🇪 / 🇬🇧 | Birb Lover 🐤 | Home of "My uncommon Boyfriend", Winged Bois and Monsters
RiderClubMain Charlotte, NC @RiderLOVEcast I love it. The Driver design and gimmick is cool #RiderClub
luna_yumizuki read the listo. seriously ive been hiding out in my basement to avoid the heat lately bc its super cool, sorta damp, and kinda dark......the fact that i think its ideal proves im closer to some kind of mold than human beings 18 | any pronouns | watashi wa gay | pale moon/dark irregulars
PAturnpikefan @racetrayter I guarantee more people than some think have the same question and the answer to it is cool and interesting. I hope someone answered him respectfully Dan
peakiman Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates I’m on accutane and is it normal to suddenly just feel incredibly weak and faint?.. but then it’s all cool after 30 seconds though, until the next time lol just a girl trying to make some friends on the Internet
Cool_Jaehwan527 Look at how cheerful he's when he told the fans to not to take his letter that was attached on his ad and he said he'll debut while waving his hand before he goes. #GetWellSoonByungchan Kim Jaehwan | Hwang Minhyun 🙂 we can be grateful even if it's the smallest thing like how easy we breath. #wannaone #워너원 #김재환 #황민현
Vukninetyone Wherever destiny brings Me At the time, being a maniac for Starcraft, I thought a Predator was some new kind of Soldier that's supposed to be cool and claimed to be part of this military "Predator" program, eventually making up a Predator as my version of the Terran Ghosts from Starcraft. I was so stupid! Toa Extreme, bounty hunter, club manager, Team Eagle commander, Big Paw member, and whatever I wanna be. 27 years old.
Vanessa_Kisuule Bristol Using utensils associated in a cynical fascimile of working class cool is nothing new (mason jars, metal plates, the impressive remarketing of Red Stripe from the drink your alcoholic uncle drinks to the drink of choice for every Poppy and Connor at a Dalston rave, etc etc) Writer. Performer. Person. Bristol City Poet 2018-2020. Bookings: becky@johnsonandalcock.co.uk. Buy my poetry:
XiminezZ Taipei, Taiwan @WilliamYang120 I admire the calmness, and bravery of that young man. I don't think I would be able to keep a cool head in this situation, and would have decked that fat piece of crap, or died trying. Sinologist, historian, researcher, translator, Ph.D. student in Chinese legal history at National Chengchi University
Ashley40895722 Ohio, USA @Irine99351471 @Conchobar01 @winny_atheart @Dreamer17439 @Adriana53871022 @jenniclarephoto @TinaBull6 @AussieKerrie @Absolover @L_Ithil @Malirensch @_Leekoo_ @Kimberlyjws @siro_web @NotOneLineFF @c4chevalier @C_licare @_Navaros_ @tia3004 @EmmyleighWint @zwergenmafiosa @Sam88132788 @AnaMuriel91 @camelid2 @Hade_Hdez_4 @IrinaClaussen @debbbrindley @Skydevil85 @chandni2111 @sayasajo @kaykat666 @apparitionfic @Lynne81433375 @kae_ysh @cool_elzbieta @gemdavis_ @Carol_B_Rodz @abouttomellis @EaudAlice @skull_fairy @DevilDialogues @Susieh6 @airamelie @Kay__kat @Devilishlucifan @Enkie9 @Nanette_Goat You can use the common hashtags like Lucifer or Luciferseason4 and such but no tagging. Our thread can get crazy with notifications because we are very active this account was created for the sole purpose of #SaveLucifer. now that that has been accomplished I may occasionally tweet about other topics...
LynzCrichton Just popped a new vid up over on my Patreon Page! Sneak peek behind the scenes of my last radio show on ⁦@SirenFM⁩ - it’s a cracker! Head over to to watch the whole thing and get access to more cool stuff!! 🎶🤩💃#Patreon #musicislife Do you like #singersongwriter #independent #music? For an EXCLUSIVE digital bundle go to 👇🏻
senoraCMT @emilyfranESL I ate with a friend at a local Mexican restaurant. The waiter was a former student of both of us. He spoke to me in Spanish and then to her (his English teacher) in English. On his 3rd visit to the table he laughed and said “it’s so cool to be able to switch languages like this” HS Spanish T, Teacher Trainer, NBCT, author at Fluency Matters, Head Nugget Chef at Señor Wooly, Teacher of Year 2013 ICTFL, 2014 CSCTFL, Nat Geo Certified
BiancaBickford Deep in the Heart of Texas @_Danicia_ I like your card solution! I have a Druid too and can’t get them all to fit in the cool portfolio. Adventurer, digital marketer, #DnD writer and editor, anxiety attacker. We're all stories in the end. #UncagedAnthology she/her
AdultEducation7 #SCpol Hey SC Evangelicals... you're cool with this right - “Epstein listed 14 phone numbers for Trump; his wife, his longtime assistant, his houseman, and his security officer. Other Trumps... ex-wife Ivana; and their daughter, Ivanka.” And then the Strip Club golf tournament. “If we had confidence that the President did not commit a crime, we would have said that" - Robert Mueller
braindud92 I am here...no, over here. @djphob That’s cool, they only did 2 songs (Disney emphasized NOT a musical) and had a human actor in the movie to break out of the ‘uncanny valley’. Lion King 2019 is 💯 being sold to us as a musical...but familiarity breeds contempt, so maybe I’m just a fuddy-duddy My name is Jeff...Marc Davis is my BAE (if you know, you know). Member of @TheMickeyDudes podcast, braindud92@gmail.com
coposun 🤷🏽‍♀️ I just hope their next visit to London they get to explore the touristic areas and also the cool locals' favourite spots 🌈 London isn't the first city I've lived in but it is indeed my favourite one in the world. So come back soon boys! one word, markhyuck
William59965719 Seeking a good queen mattress at an affordable price? Alright, hold on your budget and we are listing here some pretty cool queen mattress for sale with an affordable price and the promise for good night’s sleep rest of your life! Check it out. Click ==>
haya_ebooks the moment I decide to play animal crossing pocket camp, the game decides to not load anymore awesome! cool! I just want the ficjing mymelody and hello kitty items what the fjrbjf i want to befriend a crow
Malta_Weather Various weather models are indicating the probability of UNSETTLED WEATHER (cloudy skies at times and perhaps some RAIN) at times NEXT WEEK across Malta and Gozo as cool air slides in over a very warm sea creating uncharacteristic instability! 📷 Eric Aloisio #malta #gozo #rain We are a team of weather forecasters providing accurate and reliable weather forecasts up to 9 months ahead.
SebastianAvenue 10 Stigwood Avenue “Down by law .. must be talking bout me !! The one and only mighty Cool C” Retired Lyricist, Lincoln ‘10, MSB '15 🎓 Life Is Real. Sixers/ Eagles Fan. ✊🏿HipHop Aficionado. Brew & Pho Lover. SanaanSebastian
orion_sang Ann Arbor, MI Scottie Barnes told me multiple times last night that he's "really close" with Juwan Howard after playing with Jace and Jett Howard last season. "To me, Juwan’s a pretty cool, chill dude." Michigan, though, appears to be on the outside looking in Covering Michigan football and basketball @Freep, UM ‘19
nasuru_ocan Lira, Uganda @SocialOutcast47 Play nice and cool 😎 don’t spoil the moment 🤗 I am a go-getter
HypnoMarie1978 Yorkshire @highhrayne Cool,it’s an interesting experience to say the very least. Did you remember much about it afterwards? Sorry if I’m seeming nosey,it’s because I am and my curiosity is piqued after you saying that I’m a straight talking middle-aged les woman from God’s finest work (East Yorkshire) like a laugh and I’m a bit of a dab hand with a pocket watch 😉🌀😴😴😴
jeonchnsa DPR @AOMGOFFICIAL @zhonglogy_ ohhh that’s cool our school just made their students submit their names and take their results the next day lol but didn’t really matter tho i was happy since i got great results ❧ #빅뱅 #아이콘 #트레저13 #방탄소년단 #씨아이엑스 #원 ➴#2NE1inMNL ➴#BTSinMNL ➴#iKONinMNL
wjquinnauthor Edinburgh, Scotland @Peston @tom_watson @BBCr4today Cool neither are the overwhelming majority of the party including Jeremy Corbyn and the splendid Jenny Formby. Edinburgh based writer of SciFi, Fantasy, and Literary Fiction. Current organiser Edinburgh chapter of Shut Up & Write.
jamiepotter Hull (UK) Imagine being head of political economy at the IEA and saying class doesn't exist, it's just "cool" and "edgy". Audience dev. for @middlechildhull. DJ as Slow Crush. Often found up a wall.
_eimA FL @nadnuk It’s that moment when we realize we are the different generation and we were raised with different body ideals. But the cool thing is we can recognize them, keep ourselves from verbalizing them, and cheer them on while teaching the next generation to be better than ourselves. I whine here. And probably swear about sports. Oh yeah, and I’m a PharmD now.
ManishMV8 @binayak0422 @msdhoni Yes, Each batsman Can't score in each game, But if he could come up to the order he can regulate Rishab, Pandya and Dk In the Last Stage when he got out There was no one to hold our hopes. And we all know Pandya can Accelerate Game But He has not that patience, cool and calmness Future Doctor
daisukijeu9 190427♡ so you're telling me that I can rename the videos/gif/pictures I uploaded at twitter and search it when I want to tweet it again 😍 sounds cool! thanks twitter! 😘 this means I can just save my media here and download it when I want to! uhhh... a Lee Know layout again.... • ot9♡

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