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McxCarter United States @NickPenaa the concept is cool. keep rolling with it and print them out so I can cop aha
bangtanthough hanguk Which is your favourite bangtan mv and why? — ruN coz it flows so well with i need u and the concept is cool and t… jimin poo dog • personal over trans (please dont repost)
soccer_momlegs GIRL GANG 4 BERNIE Cultural relativism is the most important concept I've studied this year & I encourage u all to work on it bc it's cool & important 🌻⭐️ ⭐️ girl almighty | she/her | #NotMeUs ⭐️
jamiiezech woah, the is wicked. pretty cool concept Dota2. Photographer. Explorer. FlowerChild. ProfessionalBeachBum.
Hannah_Beckaa @ChaseVsEvrythng @TravMischiefski also a fair point, I guess the concept is cool but if he became reliant on it then it's actually quite sad 17. Creator from New Zealand // sometimes I do the photo & the radio thing ✨
iv1632 Reno @mgl_flexing the concept is kinda cool tho KA. My mom says I'm handsome
Streetseeker Global Cool! No. 12 in todays #House Chart is #Anna - Odd Concept - #juno #top10 UK radio station brought to you by @IAmDJBlackwater! We bring you #Radio #Music #News #Downloads Submit music to: //t.co/PZxYgdV7lt for #promo
annabelacton New York Thanks for the love!! Our #founder @annabelacton is obsessed with you guys!! Such a cool concept!
BKaplan12 Free agent is a really cool, positive twist on the concept of unemployment. #ShowerThoughts trusting the process
rmcclain530 Pretty cool that @tedcruz is made sad by talking about islamophobia but not the concept of murdering millions of people w carpetbombing. mostly a joke, often fake
M0j0_Risin Woodland Hills CA @z2plus2equals5z THE BLOCKING WAS SUCH A CRAZY AND COOL CONCEPT. The writers to that show are amazing. What is this season 2 you speak off!? A GHOUL, ADVENTURER, PLUVIOPHILE, EVIL ANGEL EMPLOYED, A.K.A M!J®i$!N
seanmic21 @Disregard_Luis from what I've seen, it's more towards the concept art which is really cool! skwad.
a1yssaaaa__ sephora @_chaylamonai @MakeupGuides @SexualGif the concept is cool but that makeup looks like trash😂 7.28.14❤️ @KinseyJake | aspiring mua | makeup addict | use code alyssabeauty for money off at dodolashes
knasher London, UK This is super cool! The Goodyear Eagle-360 concept tire #thefutureiscoming Thirty-something humanist, software geek and member of the Liberal Democrats.
aliviaEGHS academic account @teah_markstone this is cool b/c we can't rly grasp the concept of death so there's no way to tell if we ourselves are immortal or not!! poetry-lovin' hormone machine
EvansTireSD San Diego, CA While only a concept that is years away from reality, we think the @Goodyear Eagle-360 tires look pretty cool! Evans Tire & Service Centers. 16 Locations in San Diego. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, Shocks, Alignments & More! (877) 300-3826
lakeshoreCDJK Slidell, LA Here is a cool Jeep Comanche concept truck. They chopped the top off, extended the wheel base by about 6 inches... We sell great used and pre-owned cars, trucks and S.U.V.'s.
magearna they/them ♡ 15yrs @yumizukiluna ...okay the concept is cool but the irl version is fucked up 1/4 sin cru ♡ 5/9 bb crew ♡ @aqoors
yungmatcha Boyle Heights, Los Angeles The Jeep Comanche concept is pretty cool, I just wish they based it on the Jeep Wrangler/Cherokee rather than the Renegade. I'm Patches! Patchdere. Magical Girl. Meme connoisseur. Opportunity knocks once, then the door slams shut.

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