The debate is Cool.

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vetnoceanside Ted Cruz the winner. The Dump loses again. Not only lost debate, lost his cool, showed he is an idiot #GOPDebate Conservative. NOT A REPUBLICAN SELLOUT.
DarioWiter1 California @MikeHimsworth This is my debate tonight, and I was deeply impressed by The Donald. He calm, cool, and collected. 👍👍👍👍👍 😁 Hispanophiles, Cruztards, Rubiotards, Hillarytards, Bentards, Bernietards, and Islamophiles are banned from this account.
varrichione Malvern, AR I'm 60% of the way through the debate. The loser in this one is @marcorubio. He loses his cool when pushed. @JohnKasich=Cool and collected.
KingHogFan drama in the debate is cool I enjoy it but what i don't get is the deli counter bell ringing every 15 seconds and evidently means nothing. Christian, Husband, Father, Hog Fan! Arkansas boy living in arizona #WPS #GoHogs #teamDDPYOGA #ownyourlife
Patriotickev Oregon Twitter LOVED Ted Cruz WON THE DEBATE Cruz is cool and calm stand up for our Constitution stand up with @tedcruz The Truth Matters
__Stamatis Michigan ok the debate is cool but how do I stream this kendrick album do I really need to spend 9 dollars Σταμάτης
Brand_Allen Charlotte, NC Oh cool, the guy who hangs out with Trump outside of work (@oreillyfactor) is interviewing Trump post-debate. Seems legit. UNCA & Tar Heel grad. Lawyer. Politics, polls, elections, political speculation. #NeverTrump. Blog at https://t.co/bF9dq8oRuL
dre_is_cool_as the hub city, ca wait Donald Trump really referred to his dick in the debate? man get this election outta here left coast born & bred...takin life 1 day at a time........
kellyatlovewell Minnesota @PatsyClairmont Your prayer popping into my stream in the middle of the debate is like a glass of cool spring water in the desert. Kelly Gordon. Former news producer. Weather geek. Minnesotan. Curious. Positive like whoa. Addicted to saying Dude. ENFP. Co-host of the Sorta Awesome podcast.
shannonxjane this debate is cool but can we ask the candidates on their opinion of seedless fruit? bcz it really freaks me out like wut do u grow from?? I'm funny but people seem to disagree.
PlainZombie Brooklyn I'm not watching the debate, but it sounds like a real clusterfuck, and I guess Donald Trump is advocating war crimes? Cool. Cool cool cool. Tweeting useless bullshit 140 characters at a time.

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