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vettexl British Columbia This unskippable video when first launching Tom Clancy's The Division is not cool at all. I do that IT thing for @WestlandIns in British Columbia. All views are my own. Fav/RTs are not endorsements.
JurassicRabbit Burbank, CA I give The Division a lot of shit, but god damn is the Dark Zone cool. Former writer/video producer for GameFront, Current reviewer for The Escapist who likes to write, voice act, and play games
LunarJacen The division is out? Oh cool! Ill spend monry on indie games! Moon Hunters and Salt and Sanctuary here I come... eventually. Gamer who likes to shoot things and level up. Occasionally makes videos
Tunnelman Texas I think I'm skipping on the division for a while, shooting dudes with friends is cool and all but y'all we've all still got destiny. I retweet a lot of shit. Let's be friends. Avatar by the great @Cataegory !
DanSalsberg Boston, MA The Division is cool and all, but getting to the end of the tutorial and waiting 30 minutes to download Manhattan is a drag. Senior Producer at GSN Games, Board Member at Boston Post Mortem (IGDA) - Opinions not necessarily my own.
MJBuzzi NY First time loading up The Division is a black screen I can't leave as the intro cutscene audio plays in the background, cool cool cool Writing reviews for @PCMag as Jr. Hardware Analyst. I have Opinions™ about Things™. Chelsea FC & NYR. Destiny apologist.
Squatingyeti Thanks everyone for joining the stream tonight. The Division is pretty cool. Did you guys notice stuttering while I played it? OBS no likey Sports, games, and leader of onions. //t.co/cGXtNkg3JL
YourFavTweeter_ East Side Columbus The Division is cool but it ain't better than GTA I am your OG
Johnnyebs06 The Division is pretty freaking cool Zelda is NX only. Call of Duty apologist
modernmalady Damn, the division is pretty cool. the way the windows frame the trees
gamer2850 So I get the division which is cool but I get an error message great so servers are down I'm glad to see things from the beta.#TheDivision
Darig0n New York The Division is pretty cool, but it feels like one of the Free 2 Play games.. With nice graphics. Very stiff feeling movement Gamer, Graphic Designer, and Wrestling Enthusiast. Good Dude, Terrible Person.
AndrewWDP Houston, TX Weird connectivity issues aside, The Division is really cool so far. So say we all.
louie_slays CIA 2015 The division is really cool. Diggin it a lot Get to know me
soapbelt singapore THE DIVISION is cool! you play a highly equipped government agent who shoots poor people. truly in the TOM CLANCY spirit. pro rester, Academy Award loser, 0x WWE Divas Champion
Capreezus The Division is pretty cool Dark Oblivious Truth (DOT) /// Zilla /// Diablo \\\ Modern Day Alexander the Great
Gr8White_Bear @VexusWolf they play similarly, but still are different. the customization in Division is better IMO. you can even mod your guns. it's cool. variety caster on twitch. freelance artist. karaoke lover. outgoing introvert. galatians 6:2.
Katzerix North Carolina, USA Scrubs Play: The Division || DelGl1tchDom Adventure || Lvling is Cool~ || #supportsmallerstream: Lore Lover (●♡∀♡) | Mother of One | Streamer | Founder of DoDF Ares One
airrrhead_13 Hopewell, PA the division so far is very cool 👍 I like video games and laughing | A strong man doesn't need to read the future, he makes his own. - Solid Snake | Game Art @ Full Sail Online
BoyceTheChoice1 Playing the division with someone from New York is pretty cool.
GLITCHEDMAYHEM Are you guys cool with me uploading "The Division" on my channel? I want to have fun doing what I do, and this is the perfect game for that. Uploading Daily GTA 5 Glitches Is My #1 Priority. I Try My Best To Help People Get The Most Out Of The GTA 5 Glitches I Post. (43,000+ Subs) #GlitchSquad
ThisIsMakena Played The Division for about 5 hours last night, is a pretty cool guy that doesn't afraid of virus But if this is Makena, then what am I?! Not actually a pony. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
_KarlsBarkley Atlanta, GA The Division is pretty cool. I been through some shit, but I be on my shit man. happiness, always. #BillsMafia

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