The dunk contest is Cool.

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VedDashputre Detroit, MI #GordonGate Gordon was robbed TeamGordon the dunk contest is subjective THE DUNK CONTEST IS BACK LAVINE WEARS COOL PANTS Sample Size of One
OwenMowrey Titusville, PA Every 3 tweets right now is the dunk contest and that would be cool but it's the same four dunks over and over life is fun standing sideways. love life and hate the world. Penn State Main '20
AntonHimmel Tampa, FL @crazybiloxi @45gotFAT @KyleBrandt the dunk contest is still cool - my mom still ties my shoes #StonerBag RIP Evan floating in the Bay
brunswicks_stew Inspire responsibly. I think the dunk contest is cool mainly because I admire the participants' athleticism. The dunks themselves don't "wow" me anymore. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.
da_grouchh Cool I don't watch the dunk contest cuz it's been garbage the past couple of years and everyone is tweeting about how cool it was this time😑
A3_Martinez Guess LeBron is too cool to show up to the dunk contest IG: a_lonzo sc: a3_martinez
DJ_Flexing Chico State The dunk contest was cool, but this 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Is way better #SweetestMan
brandonmoore623 I'm glad Mr. Adam Silver is cool with the internet so I could enjoy this slam dunk contest from my timeline Trying to choose the narrow gate on the strength of the King all the while being married to a queen.
ALEXLARNHART Toledo, OH the cool thing about this year's dunk contest is that you do not even have to be a sports fan to appreciate how insane these dunks were. I have a girlfriend. YOUNG THUG/LIL UZI VERT FAN PAGE
Glo2411 Beacon Hills Watching the @NBA dunk contest is pretty cool🏀 Life can't always be Good, and life can't always be Bad -Scott @MTVteenwolf
dollface716 Detroit, MI The dunk contest was cool but the 3 point competition is my favorite *Live~Laugh~Love*
SpurginKoby College Station, TX The dunk contest is cool and all but remember these guys are Giants and their arms are super long Business Marketing | Creating a watch company The heart and soul of a company is creativity and innovation. - Robert Iger
SnightDaddy Silver Spring, MD I'm sure the dunk contest is cool, but the pitcher for South Africa is throwing with sunglasses on... #cooler #WBC Division 1 cornhole player, Division 3 pitcher, and part-time gangster rapper with a mathematics degree from McDaniel College. #NATITUDE
LastShotSterl The dunk contest is cool but so is being educated in the selection of the next U.S. President.

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