The life of pablo is Cool.

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JaMcgrane The Life of Pablo is low key a cool as title
HailLordLabeouf Raiders The Life of Pablo is low key a cool as title SCH❤️ I am an American Airmen
noircloud california personally I still think Waves was the best title but The Life Of Pablo is cool too I guess my chain too heavy
therealwyatt_ Even with the reasoning, The Life of Pablo is a TRASH album name. Sounds like a posers mixtape. Would be a cool title for ONE song. Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006 Former Radio Personality, current iPhone DJ.
RichardJAcosta California Is this man serious? The Life of Pablo? Okay.....as long as the music is tight I'm cool. Just a Dude in The Game of Life.
_Fantasy_Kidd Where ever the Wind blows. Swish was cool RT“@ClassicJams: Kanye West’s new album is called “The Life of Pablo"here is the official track list #BigRedFamilyForever #BigRedTillAfterLife #Kg/#FantasyImages #YNL AK⛽️⛽️Mi
PrinceofRienzi Winterfell So Help Me God (cool title imo) to Swish (stupid) to Waves (alright) to The Life of Pablo now wtf is this nigga thinking Don't follow me
Sn0wCh1ld Online Sooooo......... Kanye's new album is called "The Life of Pablo". Cool. . My existence defines glory. I do stuff. I like girls on the side. I'm in Canada. They call me 'Justin'. Current major project: AutoTutor (iOS)
astruG93 Kanye's album titles got progressively worse. So help me God was dope swish was cool waves was wack the life of Pablo now? Who tf is Pablo? Boob watcher since '96. GO LEAFS GO! Toronto. #Scorpio ♏ ;) Instagram: astrug93
joe_bernert The life of Pablo is a great name. Plus I guessed it yesterday so that's cool.
SadAndy yay area @Blvckedout the life of pablo is cool NATURE WORLD NIGHT OUT TICKETS:
CoolKidKienann N/A Swish was cool. The Life of Pablo is kinda lame. I want to get the 'rari but I know it takes some time.
tyryny The Life Of Pablo is a cool name, just not for a Kanye album. It sounds like the name of a bad concept album. danger to both the living and the dead #blacklivesmatter #FreePalestine
Narshh Boston, MA/East Brunswick, NJ man who cares, the life of pablo is a cool title, im more confused about "freestyle 4" SMFH wordsayer
jessejines Either way it doesn't matter what the title is, but I think the life of Pablo is cool, about as cool as so help me god | Black Lives Matter |
rcashmoneyflow atlanta I think The Life of Pablo is a cool name. do coffee, not meth.
luigifanfiction Knoxville, Tennessee the life of pablo is hard af still not better than swish but its cool gassiest little bitch in america

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