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CJaee TEXAS. (: the music video may be trippy af & weird but it's cool & I really like the song! Plus @zaynmalik is hot as hell. Angelo State University 2019❤ P.s. keep it classy & extra sassy Look me up on YouTube ☺ #CowboysNation
irishflying The music video is so cool! @zaynmalik #PillowTalk y'all needless.
Muzic_Is_Life18 Where I'm Supposed To Be I watched the music video for #PillowTalk and felt like I was on an acid trip. Really cool effects though! And a pretty good song. :) Hi, I'm Alexandria and I'm 21. I'm simply trying to figure out this hella confusing thing we call adulthood. Oh, and I met Demi Fucking Lovato on 10/02/14*
kyliebetlesky @imaginator1dx what did you think of the music video? Song is super catchy but I feel like the music video was like a hey I'm solo now cool I over tweet about Taylor Swift and New York sports teams.
niallshatkink $ atlanta $ THE MUSIC VIDEO IS SO COOL em loves ni
Emmers_K Canada Pillow Talk is pretty great and the music video is very cool and artistic 🎶🎨 I wish Zayn all the best →✘ When nothing goes right... go left. ← :P Been alive for 19 years ;P Liam/4 ♡ 08/01/2014 ♡ I follow back :)
rosegoldharold Hong Kong the music video is actually quite cool im screaming do whatever makes you happiest in the world.
illiteratecalum The music video for pillow talk is really cool ❁zarry❁
liamslovelysoul lima bean/4 ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ the video music is cool 'the boyband of my time, one direction, they just had fun, they're just normal guys but terrible, terrible dancers' [ sofia • char ]
craicostyles 31•10•15 THE MUSIC VIDEO IS SO COOL AND ARTSY I LOVE IT #PillowTalk fuck off nigel
kaliforhniabby 5sos/tøp stan the pillowtalk music video is cool as fuck too plot twist: I wasn't born in california
birdseverglow australia in all seriousness the video was so cool and good and the song is soooooo good and i'm so glad zayn's expressing himself through his music NO N N N N N NO NO NO NO NO THAT DOESN'T COUNT THAT DOESN'T COUNT I WAS GEtting used to it !!!
cahootsquinn zayn video is so cool artistic pure full of colors inspiring and so perfect on the other hand the music was not what i expected the 100 trash sleeping with sirens trash shawn mendes trash i am so trash
CALUMStheMAN the music video is so trippy it messes with my eyes but, its soo cool.! & the the song is even better.! #PillowTalk all you need in life is two guitarists a bass player and a drummer preferably Michael, Luke, Calum, and Ashton
lwtcher and the music video is so cool louis
Marjt143 California, USA The music video is so cool tho why does it feel like I'm on drugs Can you stand the rain?
oned1d5 The music video is so random but so cool and so special with a lot of beautiful meanings Im spechless #PillowTalk #1 Made In The A.M. lyrics stan | 0/5:(
obseszed PILLOW TALK MUSIC VIDEO @zaynmalik and the music video is cool af! you look so fucking perfect in it wowwww #pillowtalk https://t.co/EJpynh26Gq Stream Pillow Talk on Spotify. https://t.co/VZPBx5GX2r
LonestarZjM ♡12/30/15♡ @zaynmalik GOODNIGHT. ILY. YOUR NEW MUSIC IS AMAZING THE VIDEO IS SO COOL AND ARTSY. ❤️❤️ #1 Naked Zayn Stan ♡@1991Lwt♡Oops:@heyangelxls♡ ♡@SoulStalkers♡@ChurchBoiiNjH♡
blazinginbus1 Arizona/New York The music video is so fucking cool but lowkey disliked it bc i dislike gigi so fucking much @louis_tomlinson @zaynmalik @jackalltimelow @calum5sos @michael5sos

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