The oscars is Cool.

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ironyandwhine Copenhagen @SamSweetmilk Is @sexuaI cool to follow all the time or just during the Oscars? Asking for a friend. Publishing at Crunchy Tunes, MD of The Big Oil Recording Company (@bigoilempire), Arsenal fan.
ernanuridayu R2D2, Droid and friends is on the stage. Whoaaaa. Cool #Oscars 12
GinaluvzNYY Cali... Southern Cali.. Watching the snapchat for The #Oscars is pretty cool.. I'm a loner Dottie..A Rebel...and my HEART belongs to The New York Yankees.. Let's go #Yankees Let's Go! Instagram & Snap chat : Ginaluvznyy
alicialcsn Trevor YEY!! CLAP CLAP FOR LEO!! well deserved! @LeoDiCaprio The Revenant is so cool 😎 #Oscars vcxi
kirbyfan22 everyone the Leo oscar meme is dead, stop and be cool #Oscars
bobwaters Des Moines, Iowa This, too, is why I no longer watch the Oscars. Promoting dishonest historical revisionism is not cool. Retired Lutheran minister, blogger, history buff, Blackhawks fan, Cubs fan, Bears fan, amateur astronomer, sci-fi fan, and fancier of uromastyx lizards.
lafuriarosa Roger Federer coming to the Oscars is cool, if completely unexpected. But I'm worried because he was Harvey Weinstein's guest. That's shady. La Roja, Real Madrid, Chicago Blackhawks ~ Poolboy Connoisseur ~ I am this emoji, this emoji is me.
OkkiDocchi insta; @Cam_ayy Having @chrisrock shoutout your sorority in his opening monologue of the oscars is cool I guess. 💁🏽 #wheresmyoscar #KappaProbs I'm alot louder in person.
joeblackzw Harare, Zimbabwe So the White Awards came and went? Cool. DiCrapio is still crap and #Oscars still #OscarsSoWhite Writer, graphic designer, druncle. Profane & creative bastard in the Sunshine City | https://t.co/AJmv9LTVcL | https://t.co/3iXiSg7vbi | https://t.co/kddl5Fidc2
KatlynneGrace MN to Hollywood The Oscars are cool, but what isn't is blocking off all the street so it's difficult to find a safe way to walk home.... AADA ☺️Actress ☺️Guitar ☺️Dreamer ☺️goofball ☺ 19 ☺️❤️❤️❤️
NikJamTheMan A's 148 Raiders 319 Cal QQ/9 Ok it is cool to see a survivor acquatiance from Cal who helped make The Hunting Ground be at the Oscars Cal alum, Academy of Art IP. Game designer and music composer. Sports fan: Raiders, Sharks, A's, Warriors, Cal, Quakes. @GoldenBlogs writer. #BlackLivesMatter
chessieesce Liverpool, NY // Ithaca, NY didn't watch the Oscars but looks like mad max won a bunch of stuff which is Cool just boppin around, not really sure which ways up

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