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super_kuper N 42Β°45' 0'' / W 86Β°12' 0'' You can try to make it cool with fake handbrake turns all you want, the #Prius is still a punchline. @Toyota
JosephRemiB NorCal Toyota's never going to convince anybody the Prius is badass, but I looked at the new one last week. It's very weird and very cool. I'll meet you at the spot by the thing where we went that time
ronmilesjr5 Dallas #tpntweetup Prius spot is pretty cool. Love the little dig against Uber.
Ndolger My couch or at work This was the highlight of my Super Bowl Sunday: Cool to go, "...Is that Nick Sobotka? That's Frank! Wait..ZIGGY?!" Master of Indulging, NCSU Alum, Hardcore Gamer, Animeniac, Cleveland Sports Fan, Cheapass, Music Enthusiast, Loves Pets, Hates Debt!
jameymcmahan75 Funniest part of the night was the commercial trying to convince people that a Prius is cool I love Jesus, my family, my country, and the wonderful game of football.
miler_k Goodyear, AZ I love how @Toyota is trying there hardest to make the Prius look cool! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jeff_Baumgarten San Francisco Guessing you wouldn't think the Prius commercial is cool if you've ever been in a bank during a robbery or been a teller. New Yorker in Seattle long enough to have webbed feet drying in SF while working on incredible things for our clients as VP Global Marketing for @digitalrealty
FNC_Ladies_Rule Fox Nation And that a PRIUS is "cool" because a black guy owned the car they stole... Admirer of the beautiful conservative ladies of Fox News Channel & Fox Business Network
StriteskyTod If any of you think a Toyota Prius is cool, fast, or nice before or after the #Superbowl; your an idiot! @AdsOnSuperBowl @SuperBowlAdTV Doing the right thing.
KarlWTusing @Toyota #prius #SB50Ads commercial is the most pathetic. Let's get gangsters to make our car look cool. Crime = cool ? DOD/Healthcare IT Professional
M_McSweeney9 Prom Night - Chance The Rapper The real winner of #SB50 was Holden White because for some reason driving a Prius is cool now? Hearing it out loud I don't even believe it Worcester Academy | Wake Forest ⚾️ Commit
Bentucky92 Austin, Texas @Toyota I'm sorry but your marketing campaign this Super Bowl is pathetic. Your attempts at making the #prius a cool car are epic failures. Associate Analyst (MDigitalLife) for W2O Group
Thorrison Orlando, FL The Prius commercial is clever, but no one will actually believe Priuses are cool. Graduate of Hillsdale College, musician, nerd, total clown. Contributor to @IndJournal. Romans 8:38-9 is the only thing carrying me sometimes.
ConnoisseurRyan Tempe, AZ Toyota is trying too hard to make the Prius cool. The Prius is not cool and will never be cool. Not to mention it's bad for the environment. Certified Jameson Whiskey Tester, also certified by Guinness to pour your PERFECT pint. 2+2=4. I drive a car.
RobynJaniga The Prius commercials got me like πŸ˜‚πŸ™„ your car is not thatttt cool Slippery Rock University [buffalove, NY]
Mashraf_876 I just love how Toyota is using the Super Bowl to convince people that the new Prius is cool 😷 just a kid from Watauga trying to make it in North Richland Hills
Nicktooquick97 For the first time ever, it is now cool to drive a Prius URI '19 Don't sweat the technique
Billisbill1 Superior, WI Toyota thinking the Prius is cool is like me thinking I'm irresistible to women. This is a parody account. Not actually associated with the real Bill Dalpiaz.

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