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_catonwall Where imas took away my life @AlmightyPeach The best song, there's no other winner. Beit's Omoi wa ETERNITY is also super cool プロデュンヌ. Moonie. [ラブライカ] [美奈レイ] [346]Kanade/奏P [765]Miki/美希P [315]Natsuki/夏来P || Kanade my girl, Chiaking my goddess | DereSute ID 261850175
waffwaffx #LivingDogRadio #Okay, the next song is funny and cool somehow too. I really like the rapping part😂👍😁😋 #JustAFangirl ~ #TMB ~ Twitter (memory) blog ~ #My Twitter, #my story, #read it as my Loyal Puppy, haha. I need readers, not tweeters ~ Best wishes, ###WaffWaff
StephanieWerne1 Arlington,VA :) @ScottyMcCreery this vid is so cool and the song is catchy. even got the kozie for it for christmas ;) @HeffronDrive follows. Listen to @emblem3 New ep.
cool_tr3 Do y'all know the runs & ad-libs & lit ass background vocals that song is gonna have 😩. the rebel. 1914. ⚓️
sandcandy27 SEVA // MPLS an edit: cool for the summer is the best song ever written and demi lovato is better than the beatles infj, aries, idiot #umn19 ✨
WesternAnalogue Abingdon The song Wolves is much more interesting now. This stunt Kanye is pulling is actually pretty cool.
BYUNGJ0ES teentop and lee hi SONG JONGKI IS SO HOT AF CUTE HANDSOME COOL TOUGH AT THE SAME TIME ARE U SURE HE IS A HUMAN 😍😍😍😍😍 100% a teentop trash and im so proud of it ☆彡 chickenjoe is my soul
TMan_VS_TStyle Moro/Jonesboro, Arkansas Coooool! I'm cooler than Santa Claus, baby! Yeeesss! What time is it? — listening to Cool (The Time song) CEO & Founder of T-Style Music Group Inc. //t.co/TYJOV62Qs5…
TokyoTunesJapan Tokyo A very soothing J-POP song! The gradual change of the rhythm is very cool! #jpop #tokyo Discover, listen, and purchase the finest Japanese songs through our iPhone application called Tokyo Tunes. (New song every Friday / 毎週金曜に新曲リリース)
MichaelMagri Austin, TX Fade Out Lines by the Avener is a very cool song Keeping my head above water, making a wave when I can.
Elizabeth5797 Self Sufficient in Seattle WA @mikewhitmore That is cool ! Do you like The Cult or just the song ? Admin(day job) Former: child model,deb,barista, IT/IS CSR,#KBCS radio prod/wrtr,PA in #FilmInWA Passion:Travel/Sports/Writing/Culinary
joshjacobsongs Brooklyn, NY so my new song was mastered in the Netherlands, album art designed in Australia & today a French blog featured it. the internet is cool 🌎🌍🌏 future soul. producer singer & instrumentalist 動く城 @mvngcstl
yelyahgaby SURBURBIA @brendonurie House Of Memories is that song that would be in a movie in the scene where like the main character has cool flashbacks tbh 👀🙌❤️ Performing Arts & Writing + Photography // Saw @walkthemoonBAND 11.7.15\\ || @PanicAtTheDisco & @Weezer Summer Tour 6.14.16|| @loverxoxo_07 ❤️
MatPaget Vancouver, BC This Fallout 4 song is so rad. I talked to its creator, who only used unaltered sounds from the game to make it. Proud Métis Canadian. Check me out on GameSpot. Talk to me about hip hop, wrestling, karaoke, beer, hockey, tacos, journalism, video games, and being tall.
troyesphangirl she/they What Alessia Cara song is "the cool kids aren't cool to me, they're not cooler than we are" from? dark eyes, pink lips. now my heart is racing.
ChantaeCann Atlanta, GA Debut album✨Journey to Golden✨ Available on iTunes! Way cool! Thanks so much! 💙RT @_scarlet_v: @ChantaeCann hey girl! Heard your song on the shaytard vlog , your voice is beautiful 👌😍 || Singer || || Songwriter || || CreativePerson-er || || Feng Shui-er of all sorts || https://t.co/Hf0c0UYkle
ALL_IE_SON Kings Park Mr. Brightside -The Killers, is synonymous to the word cool bc the song gives off unreal vibes definitely not no..
cursedwaves space THE OH DEATH SONG IS PRETTY COOL never tell me the odds
dallasdrifter84 Dallas Tx @Colby1053 can you send me the audio file for 'smash your balls' song? That song is ridiculous and cool. professional slacker, hipster extraordinaire.future hot rod king of the world.
LucaDiarian Santiago Bernabeu I hate when the song is shit but the beat is cool, I have to listen to the whole shitty song just to listen to the beat. #firtsworldprobs LD edits
amellynas Indiana So I clicked the first link and this came up.... I really confused but it's cool because this song is a jam 16 /// NHS softball
The_OpeningAct @ItsPaxton I know you can't do it while you're on the voice, but when the show is over it would be cool if you would do a song with me! Up and coming Christian rapper, chasing my dreams, chasing the Lord, and making a difference in our world. walk the journey with me.
xRyougetsutenx Cube, Tartaros @whitehairedking "Yes…~ Demi Lovato is the artist, The name of the song is Cool for the Summer…~" 【 涼月天 ― Gøddεςς øƒ тнε Cнιll Møøη 】 ❝ Dємøη's ςтøяιες, A ρℓαcє шнєяє МξЯCУ ∂øєς ηøт εχiςтς. ❞ 〈 #FTRP 〉 Love~: @BlazingFeari. 03/14/2016

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