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gurghi Lexington, Ky. the bad hair in THE BIG SHORT is actually crucial. indicates to us these guys weren't masters of all they survey, they weren't cool. Mostly movies: Had to be there, used to be there, no 'there' there... Lately I find I'm disinclined to reminisce / Except perhaps on such a night as this.
dlrussianews Russia flies spy planes over our heads multiple times a year — and the US is cool with it: For more than two d... Link news about Russia
fwdthinkingadv Portland, OR We've received entries from adventure seekers in 7 US States. How cool is that? THANK YOU for the support! What ... This could be your adventure fund! | Thru hiking the Colorado Trail 7/16 #forwardthinkingadventurefund
DJ__COOL Cape Town @benheck it is too expensive for us here to buy it separately,i get paid minimum wage about R800=$51.3 a week,and the usb sound card Disc Jockey
wanlingtan_ 14 ITS SO COOL TO SEE OTHER CLASS BUS PASS BY US BC LIKE THERE IS 16(?) BUSES ON THE ROAD SG ; MARKSON TRASH ; damn multifandomed by GOT7 THX ; 230216 ✨
Coleshsmartinez Wherever a hero is needed! Russia flies spy planes over our heads multiple times a year — and the US is cool with it Teacher, Master of the Mystic Arts, subject of a military experimental serum, victim of a radioactive spider, son of a Norse god,and all around good guy.
kimblueteam Kentucky Check out this cool episode: Even if you not a smoker this podcast is HILARIOUS!
ITSMYKOL California. It's cool that the guy we came to see is standing right I. Front of us watching the opening acts 😊 (( ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ )) (it/me) icon. Meta. Saint/\Sinner. A sleepy-eyed hopeless romantic with a placid disposition fire... so Jessica Alba Fantastic
calsquared Georgia, USA @indistarr Happens to the best of us. And besides, weird is cool. I tried seizing the day. The day blew a rape whistle and called me a perv. More meta than you, probably.
yxxxxing BTS | RV | f(x) look he is so cool 951230+961229 #TRBinDallas + 150924
KandiSantangelo @iamwandasykes is the queen of cool. I want her to go back to he US and teach every American to be just like her with a pinch of Esther Sports Nut, Justice Participant, Comedy Groupie, 4Loko Enthusiast
jheobani Earth Yo how is it that during the day you'll sweat but at night its cool? Arizona please stop playing with us Feel like I'm walking on water
LAGTBBASM imma go get it Had to let shid cool down a bit between us ian feeling the same as she is
g_dawgdoe the five one thraaay it's like the whole world is up against us & we supposed to remain cool. | fear nothing | ♛ | regret nothing |
DeanDettloff Toronto All in all, the McLuhan crew is cool. 10/10 will go back. And they provided vegetarian wraps for us without even asking. PhD student | Continental Philosophy/Critical Theory/Media Studies | Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto (@InsChr) | Catholic | Avatar by @schtvr
RuinousMisery NYC who rules over people, Nautilus is 1: a ship in ff3 2: has the root for sailor in it and I like the ocean and ends in -us cause that's cool Rydia Magnolia |16 | Space Mermaid | @SHSL_No_Life is my brother| They/Them | Grey-Asexual | Polyromantic | INTP |
Sarah9182 Ann Arbor, MI This class is really cool, but the tests are actually pretty unfair. They expect us to know EVERYTHING but don't even give a study guide I'm not o-fucking-kay

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