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SISEKELO_ witpoortjie I slept so great though... Because the weather was nice and cool. Summer is such an overrated season Real Madrid
EntireBodyWelln USA 5 Ways to Use Leftover Chili - Making a big pot of chili is a great thing to do when the weather is cool or rai... Sharing tips and information about #Nutrition, #Healthy Living including lifestyle and #Fitness. https://t.co/oa6dq2FM
Gidi_Traffic Everywhere “@samuraikyrie: @Gidi_Traffic traffic @ ISHERI-IDIMU this morning is free flowing, the weather is cool due to a bit of rain this morning...” GIDITRAFFIC Is Created To Ease Stress By Providing On-The-Go Traffic Updates And Information As Regards General Inquiries. -Lending Each Other An Eye-
trafficbutter Everywhere 7:40AM traffic @ isheri-idimu this morning is free flowing, the weather is cool due to a bit of rain this morning... VIA @samuraikyrie TrafficButter App is designed for ANDROID, APPLE & BB DEVICES. Gives you Traffic / Security Updates. Download NOW from your app store. (Note: RTANE)
samuraikyrie Lasgidi, Naija... @Gidi_Traffic traffic @ isheri-idimu this morning is free flowing, the weather is cool due to a bit of rain this morning... Marketing/Mobile, Computers, Gadgets,Home Appliances and Electronics/Customer Service Rep. Contact 08138155593
519DKM Down the bush, by the big tree How cool is the weather that we had today! Feb 25th Trying to think of some inspirational quote to put here...so...you still can get pregnant dry humping who said that??
erycakristle LV The weather is getting warmer now bugs think it's cool to post up in your house I like piña coladas & getting caught in the rain
BenCass25 @nochilllmanny it's awesome man, the weather is perfect and I've never been to LA so it's really cool to see 😁😁 Wake Forest Baseball #20 || 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
CongoGallery Ph:022-2531065, DagoPakar, BDG No matter the weather, the cool breeze at Congo is sure to set you in a relaxed mood… #CongoCafe #CongoGallery #TGIF One of the best, most romantic hangout places in the city of Bandung, featuring an exquisite solid-wood gallery and a café with an unbeatable view.
clearPH @Heyynzz Hey Kelsen! The heat can be a bummer, but CLEAR is here to keep hair fresh in this weather. Be dandruff-proof with CLEAR. Learn more at https://t.co/ygWc5Ep0WX
ssbxlj Nam-gu, Busan The weather right now is cool and kind of gloomy. My favorite. too broke for concerts too ugly for band members
kiemzi San Jose, CA @illiteratehunk LA is cool, i lived there before. i don't like the weather there but there's cool stuff take my life, please
toffy_21juve #Asean The weather is cool 2day - B Happy😘 - Superman isn't easy GG✌ Hard working; self-study on languages& cultures❤in art, garden, nature, inter-travel!✈ Imagine all the people living life in peace #H2Ofamily #SuperJuve #GGMU
Reklistyle Hayward, CA It's later he usual for me but the weather is perfect. A little cool but not windy. Just enough to momentarily relieve the heat of my body. The story of my daily life, thoughts and emotions told a 140 characters at a time.
Otishka What the fuck is this weather when I don't have cool weather clothing? Annoying.
caochocolates 9800 SW 77th Av Miami FL 33156 Cool weather in #Miami with a beautiful blue sky above us. That means is #HotChocolate time. The question is: #Bro… Miami Based bean to bar Chocolate Artisans. Decadent hand crafted chocolate confections made with 100% single bean cacao from around the world. #MiamiBeanToBar
bIeakhome Do ppl get warnings ontheir phone Thats so cool ok i only say that because the uk is in the most unlikely place for Dangerous Weather there are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.
MiSCHAYiKES #BROOKLYN weather is so Cool ? i check it at least 5 times a day ‼️isolated showers on a Saturday then Sunny the next day ⁉️⁉️ wow🙈🌩🌪☔️☀️🌦 @NICKIMINAJ: aight 4get chyall den... do u wanna learn the recipe or NOT??? get ya damn big spoons and shutitup!!! when u get ya spoon, tweet spoon
BuildingJkc Canvey, Essex Seed-Starting, Part 2 - The results are in: Starting even cool-weather crops inside is faster. See Seed-Startin... Local Builders working in the Essex area. Visit our website to see our home extensions, loft conversions & block paving. (m) 07793 011592
chupikaboo Philippines The weather is fine cool perfect for chillin' and reading fiction and romance Carpe Diem
NYCRTweets COOL! BIGsiscloset : I can’t believe this is what the weather was like just 2 days ago… I guess we’ve been pretty……

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