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RenzRude #ODU Like my idea for Dark Times by the Weeknd is cool af Mentally Kanye, physically Andre the Giant
Radical___ qchs. az partynextdoor is cool. the Weeknd better but I like them both hella. nothing unwanted
StevenxSolis Round Rock, TX I like The Weeknd but they better not give him the #Oscar for a song that is popular because of a bunch of hormonal teens. Okay cool. I get paid to do my favorite thing, listen to music. Senior Contributor at @Rapzilla.com and aspiring A&R.
starkid76 THE WEEKND IS SO SO SO SO COOL!!! I don't want your apple pie
CushNotKush idk how anyone could think the weeknd's hair is at all cool young rich nigga hitting million dollar licks
NicoleConlan New York. Denver. Mordor. The Weeknd is cool, his hair is cool, you guys are all dumb and LAAAAAAAAME UCB. @SBNation. Previously @Jalopnik & Sports Illustrated. I'm insufferable. nicole.conlan@sbnation.com
jizosh I know it's not cool to show love to The Weeknd anymore but what this dude accomplished in six years time is incredible. #Oscars2016 #Canada These pretzels are making me thirsty
JakeEppert Tampa, FL Okay why does The Weeknd wear a mop on his head and why is it cool someone plz answer me that The Official Twitter account of Jake Eppert.
JoshuaKFletcher Atlanta // Nashville The Weeknd is cool bc he proves you don't need a good haircut to be successful. Singer. Songwriter. Drinker of Coca Cola. Burrito enthusiast. New album out May 26th, 2015
KLB904 Afghanistan The Weeknd is one of the worst singers of all time. Music is cool tho #Gators #Jaguars #Magic #Marlins #FlaPanthers
Vincenzo_914 Can we all stop pretending that the weeknd's hair is cool and different and stylish and admit that it's beat as fuck.I like the dude but wtf Success caught my eye, so now I gotta have her
THEjoeydavis Chico/Ridgecrest The Weeknd is cool but why is there a bird on his head and why hasn't anyone told him #Oscars When life gives you lemons just say fuck it and bail
katerussian Quincy, MA This performance by The Weeknd is horribly theatrical and overwrought compared to Sam Smith's. Although the aerialist is cool. #Oscars Press 9 for weasels... Hm.
jamescantus Los Angeles, CA It is cool to hear the weeknd perform this song singing live with a live orchestra. Sounds awesome! #Oscars #writer, #musician, #scientist.
dre_is_cool_as the hub city, ca damn the Weeknd didn't even try to hit the falsetto notes lol left coast born & bred...takin life 1 day at a time........
ClaireL58 Claire58-Twitch  A song called 'Earned It' from 50 Shades of Grey. Also burlesque. Ok. The Weeknd guy's hair is cool though. Disney Enthusiast, Youtube/Twitch watcher, Lover of food.
Daniel_PinedaP Fortress Of Solitude The Weeknd is so cool Where we thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.
ManuBeker_Music The Weeknd is a cool dude. Musician, Film-snob, Pokemon master.
JakeTriola Edinboro, PA Whoa the Weeknd is so cool the Jacques Cousteau of outer space
TJ_Sisco Oxford, MS Does anyone actually think The Weeknd's hair is cool? Ole Miss Law c/o 2018, FSU c/o 2013

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