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tommyd9409 Jacksonville, FL @ImBrettRossi That is a very cool diner Brett. I truly wish that I could have been there with you beautiful lady.
errinnnnn_ @andruuhurst she honestly is when she first gets there but she cool now all we are just chapters on a page cause after all we're just actors on a stage ||| @seansgotknees ❤️
Mr_JSmoove Africa Twitter is kind of getting boring to me. It's cool here & there tho. *24yrs old *Durag model *UTA *Just a chill individual *instagram: jay_oh21
MackDaddyStacks There is nothing cool about being "hood" 😷 #LongLiveTy
eloooserbeth quien sabe Sebastian is the only person that I've dated that I stayed cool with & it's honestly because he's a guy😂like there was never any drama views from the 12
rhyeali Knowing is cool, till the world wears away before your eyes & you realise there's no turning back cause there's nowhere to turn back to ... Reforming Christian.
PMbeers Los Angeles @majc423 There's no free speech in my space. If that's fascist, cool, but I'm not a merger of corporations and state like the USA is. Live Streamer: Los Angeles Artist, Mom, Revolutionary! Smash the Left/Right Paradigm Illusion! //t.co/mwfquPBTAv //t.co/4SXnwPix6g
Huwarf Sweden @Arruke @NewGuyC @reese015 the problem is that there's big streamer that smack talk them. This causes the fans to follow cuz "it's cool" https://t.co/K9s786eC4k | HugSquad | Forsenboys | Runescape | Maxed 2/7-2015 | Hearthstone | TF2 Haunted Collector
Charlayyyy_ Springfield, MO Christian: There is literally no cool guys named Chad. Me: @chadwatson_io Christian: ok. He's the exception. My three year old sister is the funniest person alive. Jesus Christ is my savior. Im a fan of the outdoors. Its pretty neat. I also like hot tea. And cold tea.
kaitwoodrum Athens, OH @kaitwoodrum There’s no need to put someone down about something they feel is cool. It’s just nice you know. probably tweeting haley // Cincinnati
HeatwaveDesigns behance.net/heatwavedesigns Yeah the urge is there but you have to keep going. So what if you didn't make it on that cool team it's no reason to quit designing. Stream design specialist for @eLevateGG - @eLevate_Studio | #RedRebellion | @BlazeDisDesigns owns my heart, 4/1/15 | @AlterEgo_Ink
morgan_dobbins The fact that there are pink lakes in this world is so cool june 2nd, 2013
notshaneolson Starkiller Base To the point where they know everything there is to know about everything. It's crazy cool. || Shane || Bass & Vocals in @TheFollowingMN || Avid Star Wars fan || Professional Uncle || @joclouise || PSN: VALETxGOD
KD_Kerber Calgary Japan has cool stuff like anime, games and technology but I heard life there is kinda depressing. Tennis fan - Love Angelika. Barthel/Pliskova/Radwanska/Pavly/Nole+ some other players. I love Kevin Durant. Thunder Up!!!
blacklistxme Australia There's a woman who looks uncannily similar to Rose Byrne on my train at the moment. This is cool.
joshez_ NYC @iantothemax oh weird the guy's explanation of the systems in the game is super cool. i didn't realize there were two phases I made up an academic discipline just so that I could play videogames. @IndieCade East esports @NYUGameCenter he/him private: @joshhhez
ReisengRath Not here, Canada With the exception of being less physically cool, is there any significant disadvantage of buying the digital version of FE? Aniblogger who mostly procrastinates. Lots of FGO RTs. RTs are not lewd but can be almost lewd. Logs on now and then. Stay safe! Ask FM: https://t.co/3NELkoDKOg
delilahthebae You guys should follow me on Instagram, I think I am cool on there (I'm probably not)and my name is georgiebo0 if you were wondering 😊 what a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives havent happend yet

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